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Embolisation of aneurysm using a stent

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I have recently had an aneurysm which was embolised using a flow diverter stent .. i was initially told it would probably be coiled, I was wondering how common this was and how succesfull it  was compared to coiling plus a stent.


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I had an SAH and had it coiled,  a year later I had a shunt put in because of Hydrocephalus.


I do not know about stents but I am sure it is okay, someone will know I am sure xx


Keep Well 


Winb143 alias Win lol xx

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I had two aneurysms, one was embolised using both coils and a stent, the second one was so small that it wasn't possible to use coils, so they only used a stent.


I have been told that the doctors were worried about the procedure beforehand, and I was kept in an induced coma for a while as they decided what to do. But once the embolisation was done, I was told it was successful.


A follow up angiogram a few months later confirmed that the stents were doing their job, and no further procedures would be necessary. I will get another angiogram but only in a couple of years' time.


So from my experience, a stent can be sufficient treatment. I have no idea how common this is, though. 

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