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Hi - I had a NASAH in May 2017. A few weeks ago I had a 2nd episode of AFib which has not resolved in spite of hospital treatment for a week. After consultation with cardiology and neurology it was decided I should begin a blood thinner. After one month of treatment I can have a cardioversion. The cardiologist I s concerned re bleeding risk but says this is the only option as there are risks of a clotting stroke if I stay in AFibb. 


Anyone have a similar experience?


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I can’t give you med advice. But there are many patients with a fib and stroke who are on blood thinners. Some are even on two kinds of blood thinners but they had embolic strokes and not hemorrhagic strokes. I think everything is risk and benefits in medicine. A fib can give anyone a stroke that s why they recommend blood thinners.

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Hello Vermont Girl,


I do have experience of this, but not with AFib. 


I had my bleed during heart surgery (a stent being fitted to my aorta as I have a congenital heart defect). I was taking blood thinners during the surgery (which actually made my bleed worse as no clotting occurred so more blood bled out) and then I took them for 6 months after as per recommendations for stent surgery. My medical team made the same decision - the risk of clotting and an ischemic stroke outweighed the risk of a re-bleed. I did not have any issues taking them and was monitored during this time.



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