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It's been a bad few days, got a phone call from the dwp saying my esa has been stopped,said I could apply for universal credit but not getting that either as my partner works full time. Headaches have come back with a vengeance now, back up to the same amount of painkillers as when I left hospital.


People say I was lucky with my sah, but I don't feel like it right now,not sure what to do next,will it happen again as stress levels and worries increase.

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Hi Ian,

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment, did the DWP give a reason for stopping your ESA, If I were you I would go and speak to either Citizens Advice Bureau or if your local council have a Welfare Rights person you could maybe speak to them, I have used them in the past and have always found them very helpful.


You maybe entitled to a Mandatory Reconsideration ( which means they look at your claim again ) if they don't change their decision then you are entitled to appeal, i think I have got that right, if not then I'm sure someone will put you right on that bit.

Don't leave it to long though as you only have a certain length of time in which to do it.


I really hope this helps, the headaches you are experiencing are probably stress related, had a similar experience myself very recently and that was to do with DWP.

As always if you are worried about headaches speak to your GP.


Hope you get things sorted out and things start looking better for you.

Take care


Michelle xx 

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Sorry to hear that I agree if your worried see your GP re headaches its more than likely stress..


Appeal it then, Id go to CAB (Citizens advice) I've found them really helpful they know who to contact and what you should get and do next.  Don't just think oh well that's that because I reckon when they refuse its to put you off CAB aren't like that well not that I've found, and I've had a few visits to them.


I'm sure I read on the Headway site that they were trying to educate the DWP about head injuries.



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I think most of us suffer from some type of depression after a brain injury.  


My bleed was five years ago and I still struggle with headaches and head heaviness.  


It's not fair and life is not fair and we have to learn to make sense of it and deal with it as much as it pains us.  Pun intended ?.  


I cry some times when I go through my headache cycles.  I cry and miss the old me but get over the crying and press forward to another day.  


 Yep, it is difficult at times, but, for me, I must.


Hope your headache cycle does not last long.




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I have to agree that periodic depression seems to be a thing with us.  My little black cloud appears periodically for a few days at at time, for no apparent reason.  And the headaches continue.


My only suggestion is to try to find an outlet when you are down.  For some weird reason, I write poems that express my feelings.  Because I am down at the time, most of them are not very uplifting, so I don't share them with even my wife.  But they help me feel better.  I know Win sings to help with the blues.  Maybe its just taking a walk or working a crossword.  Something to distract you or to give you a place to let the depression flow out.


I hope things get better for you.



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Would you not be entitled to PIP? Personal Independence Payment, it’s not means tested like other benefits, and doesn’t depend on national insurance contributions, like some forms of ESA. Worth a shot?


 I really hope things look up for you, I know what it’s like when life keeps kicking you down. But there is always a light st the end of the tunnel, as bad as things maybe just now, they will get better. My thoughts are with you. 

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Hi Ian,


So very sorry you are having troubles.  I have found my recovery not to be a straight line forward.  I often think wow I have  had a great couple of days or even a week (not usually so long) and then I go a bit over board and my brain sets me straight with a foggy headache and exhaustion.  The whole depression thing I think is sadly almost expected with such an injury to our brains.  Here in the US they had me have a psych Dr. check me out in rehab as they said PTSD is so common after a SAH. 


I hope you have success with getting some financial help it is another stressor you don't need.  I wish you well and I hope you can see by all the warm responses that we care..Best wishes



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