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Whooshing in left ear

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Hi everyone


I had a NASAH in November 2016 - recently I have been getting a loud whooshing sound in my ear - had it again really bad earlier and really scared me as seemed to take over my head.


I do suffer from tinnitus now and then too since my NASAH  not sure if all this is connected to my NASAH or just me being anxious - will make an appointment at the doctors - no appointments available for at least a week!


Thank you


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I think we all get odd symptoms post bleed and it is all too easy to blame it on that. However I think we need to be mindful of our general health and make sure we get things looked at by our GPs. It could be an infection or purely wax but get it looked at either way.


Anxiety is also a common complaint, I know I suffer and have difficulty dealing with it. Talking therapy can help, ask your GP for a referral.


Clare xx

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Hi Mrs M,


I get that also and sometimes it is milder like holding a seashell up to ear.  When stressed I get it worse.  


That's when I start to sing  xxx Bad for family but it does me the world of good,  as going off key takes my mind off the noise.


Take care Mrs M and welcome to BTG xxxx



WinB143 Alias Win  xxxx




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I’m 2 years on from my 2nd bleed and have tinnitus now - mostly noticeable at night - I too get the whooshing sounds and the changes in sounds - it scares the hell out of me I’ll be honest - often the change in sounds sets off a sensation in my head and a rushing type senstation! Doctors have never properly diagnosed this some say it’s anxiety it has hard to deal with but it always goes away 

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Same here on the left ear. Not very loud and can only hear it in the evening when there are no other noises. 

I had my NASAH February 18 and this only started in the last month...

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