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trish1013, copied from General by Super Mario

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I am going into 2 years in November 2018 since my hemorrhage and my Shunt put in I have some  I also had seizure back in February this year has any one else had a seizure I feel like my eyes are always dry and tired and are getting worse since my eye appointment  last September

I am going back to eye doctor this September does anyone experience problems with there eyes and ear when I get a cold it all feels worse because where the shunt is behind my ear I always feel clogged.  Does anyone else feel this or had a seizure?

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Hello Trish,

I am sorry for your difficulties. I did not have a shunt or seizure, but in the hospital I had double vision (now 6 months out it has resolved). I have had a feeling of eye discomfort and always dry eyes since the SAH event. My vision did not seem as good, either. And, it does seem worse with cold or sinus issues. 


I recently went to the eye doctor and he said I have the beginning stages of glaucoma in my left eye. I have a follow up appointment. So, good that you are getting it checked out. I am 61 years old. Family history of glaucoma. I have a personal opinion that when we have gone through a traumatic medical event ~ it seems to "kick in" all our pre-determined genetic health problems as well. I have had more health issues since my SAH that are "un-related" ~ so the doctors say. Take care. Kathy

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Hi Trish,


My epilepsy was not over SAH but when I was 14 and puberty !! the older I got the longer I went without one.

Also have a shunt fitted as I couldn't wake up due to Hydrocephalus.  Once that was in it brought me back to land of living. 


I had my SAH 2009 and wham they came back with a vengeance.  But slowing up a bit now not had symptoms of a seizure since February this year.  I get when stressed sea noises in my ears,  I guess it is like tinnitus sharp high pitched noises and my ears always feel dirty nowdays but honestly I do wash them lol xx  Some days are better than others 


Try not to stress and I sing as it takes my mind off the buzzing noise xx Good luck xx Oh dry eyes also got spray for them xx

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I have not had a seizure, I am sorry to hear about your troubles.  I can relate to the dry eye experience.  I see I am not alone with the dry eye and wonder if it has some connection to my NASH or Vaspspasm.  Trish I wish you well in your recovery.


Win, I love that you sing..everytime you mention I smile :)  I too believe laughter is such an important part of life.. 





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