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Heavy Head, Headaches & Neck Spasms

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I suffered a PSAH 6 weeks ago. When I left the hospital I felt really well.


Over the last few days I've had recurring headaches, my head feels full and heavy, my jaw gets tight and I have had some minor neck spasms. I can function fairly well but I'm concerned.


Has anyone else had similar symptoms? I'm new to the site and obviously new to this entire event. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Todd,


Welcome to BTG...So sorry to hear about your PSAH.  It is a game changer for most people I think. 


Keeping good contact with your doctor and a journal on how you are feeling is great advice from Casey.  It can be stressful when you are put on the spot in an appointment to remember everything you wanted to discuss. 


The water  and rest for sure help.  6 weeks is a very short time in terms of your brain healing.  These events take time and patience with yourself.  You sound like you are recovering very well.  


Best wishes as you progress and please check in and let us know how you are doing.


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Try and see Doc and tell him as it is more than likely  nothing but to put your mind at rest tell Doc.


Nothing like peace of mind   when we are getting better xxx  It is only 6 weeks but we need to be happy and not worry about things .


Let us know how you get on xxx

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Hi Todd,


All sounds pretty standard. I’m 4 months in now and felt pretty good after the initial awful time we all have with this. Now I can get a tad sketchy with similar to what you say. Give yourself time mate, you’ve had a brain injury. It will take time to come right. Stay positive!


all the bst



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