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Hi everyone 

not sure if I’m sharing this in the right place but was just after some advice on exercise. I’m 5 months post  SAH which one was clipped and the other coiled and have had an amazing recovery I think apart from the awful headaches which are getting less by the weeks.


I had an appointment with the rehab doctor last week who was lovely but seemed to think I was overdoing things. Due to no public transport where I live I was having to start work at 5:30am, then ride my bike to my daughters 20km away at 3 pm and wait for hubby to pick me up. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride, but was told it’s to much ( any thoughts). 


I also have started running again which I have been walking since the 6 week mark and at 3 months run walking and now able to run 5km.


I’m only working 3 days a week I wanted to go back 4 days but was told to much to soon. I love my job and exercising, I was actually out on a run when my SAH occurred. I would love to know how others returned to work and exercise post op, I was just starting to feel normal again but now I’m unsure I’m doing the right thing.

Thanks 😊

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Hi Sue


 You really should take the advice of your rehab doctor as he may have a reason for giving such directives. Your work routine does seem a bit punishing is there any way you could change it to make it a little easier? 


However on a personal opinion, I too was running when I have my bleed and have successfully returned to that. I was walking around the same time as you and started doing the couch to 5K program at around three and half months. I gradually built on this and now run 5 miles  up to 3 times a week. However I am 3.5 years post bleed with no coils or clips. 


I find the running helps with my stress which lessens my fatigue. I work four days a week with Wednesdays off as my recovery day. It’s taken a long time   to reach the point where I feel settled  and happy with my work as stress does pay a huge part in my life. 


I would ask your your rehab doctor which parts of your routine he thinks is likely to cause more problems and go from there. 


Well done on your recovery so far sounds like you are doing well - just don’t over do it. 


Clare xx

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Thanks Clare

I have definitely taken the rehab doctor's feedback into consideration,  to scared of what could happen if I don't listen. I am extremely grateful for my recovery, I just  need to remember to slow down and that within time I will get there (Which is harder than I thought).


I do listen to my body though I seem to have a really flat week  where I feel quite fatigued  every 3 or so weeks. This support group has been amazing help, love reading everyone's journey.


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That flat week Sue is your bodies way of telling you it’s too much. Slow it down and it will happen less. 


My only way way of learning in the earlier days was by making the mistake and paying for it! 


You’ll get there 😀


Clare xx

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