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I suffered from an SAH and I am 28

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Hello everyone 


I suffered from an SAH and I am 28, and at the time of writing this I am 7 weeks post SAH. It is great to read all of your comments and stories. 


Following my SAH I had a stent fitted in the offending artery in my brain, and I wonder how others have had their SAH fixed on this forum? Has anyone else had this done, and how was your recovery?


Seven weeks on from my operation  I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting and still not allowed to drive. Physically, I was very lucky following the SAH, but I do suffer with bad head aches. I suppose my biggest question is do they really ease with time like I’ve been told, and how soon do people get back driving again? 


I feel so lucky with the outcome of my SAH, and I have a very supportive family, but no matter how much I try to explain I still don’t think they truly know what I mean sometimes. I think the biggest thing for me after this is my outlook on life has changed totally! I am less precious about things that are not important.


I also worry sometimes that I will never fully be how I was before. Perhaps I’m being impatient with myself in lots of ways, but I just want to get on with life. It feels like someone pushed the “pause” button 7 weeks ago. 







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Welcome to BTG.


To help with the headaches make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. It really does help. They should ease over time.

As for driving, have you notified DVLA, it is a notifiable condition? It is up to them when you can drive again depending on any medical reports they may ask for.


We do have members with stents fitted, someone will pick this thread up at some point.


In the meantime take it very slowly, baby step or you will find yourself impeding your recovery. Recovery is individual to each survivor, there are no hard fast rules.   


As for your outlook on life changing, that is a positive thing. I think most survivors have changed their outlook on life, in my opinion, for the better.    

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Hi Sophieskb,

Welcome to BTG, so sorry to hear that you suffered an SAH, you have come to a great place for help, advice and great support.


I had mine in June 2014 I had a ruptured Aneurysm which was coiled along with a second one which they found during that procedure.


We are not allowed to give medical advice as non of us are trained to do so, what we can do is share our own experiences of SAH and our recovery stories, although no two bleeds are ever the same, we all recover at different rates and some of us have some difficulties afterwards and some of us go on to make a full recovery.


Seven weeks is still very early in terms of recovery, the headaches do get better,  try to make sure you drink lots of water, staying hydrated really does help with that, also make sure that you don't over do things, lots of rest and if you need to sleep do so, fatigue is a one of the side effects that you will notice, the smallest of things can make you feel exhausted, make sure you listen to your body and when you feel tired make sure you rest.

Your Brain and your body have suffered a traumatic event and they both need lots of time to recover, things will get easier as time goes on.


There is a thread on here about driving after SAH, as I don't drive I can't really comment about it, I'm sure those that do will come along and give you advice on that.


It can be very difficult for family to understand what you are going through, from the outside you look perfectly fine, they can't see what is going on inside and the way that is making you feel,  there is a thread on here titled  A Letter From My Brain, have a look at it and then you can maybe let your family read it, also you could show them this website and let them read some of the stories and posts from other survivors, by doing that it may help them to better understand what you are feeling.


Anyway I would just like to wish you all the very best as you go along your recovery journey, pop in the green room, join in the banter when you feel up to it, we are a friendly lot, we are here to help and support as much as we can, we have all been where you are now, don't ever feel like you are alone.


Michelle xx

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Thank you both for all of your kind words and comments! It’s great to hear your advise, and I will definitely take a look at the threads you recommend and show them to family. 


I have been drinking as much as I can, usually trying to hit a 2ltr a day target. I have also notified DVLA who have contacted the hospital and received info from them, I’m just waiting for them to make their final decision... but who knows how long that will be! 


With regard to my SAH itself, the reason for the stent was because I had a deformed artery with four anyerisms off of it, and one had bled, but they had to stop the other three from doing the same. Very scary, and absolutely no warning! On the plus side, my recovery is going very well. I just need to learn to rest and not push myself too much, which is hard when you’re not good at sitting still and like your independence. Happy days! 


Good luck to you too with your ongoing recovery. 

Kind regards 




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It isn't something that we can get over quickly but we are survivors, that in itself is good.


But we are all here and to know we are not alone in this helps me lol selfish !!!


My Daughter found this site and for me it was a godsend  xxx 


We can share worries and tales of woe and people actually understand as they have been through it xx so wishing You Good luck 


Sing and think happy thoughts is my answer to all ills  lol xxxx I was coiled and had to have a shunt for hydrocephalus as I was in cuckoo land.


Be well and don't let things get to you laughter is best medicine xxxx



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