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Hi All,


So here I am coming up on 2 years ago having my SAH followed by vasospasm.   Quick recap...8 days ICU 2 weeks rehab then home..ended up in rehab because I couldn't sit up due to core weakness...balance was also off, somewhat better but still a bit off... I have some vestibular issue which probably contributes to my balance. The core weakness seemed good enough I guess.


So I recently attempted another round of 6 weeks of Physical therapy which began for back pain and quickly came back to my core weakness.  The core weakness seems to be contributing to my back pain..


Anyone with this going on?  I don't really feel any difference in strength after 8 weeks of exercise.  I will be getting an injection to try to help my back pain and been referred back to neuro.   Truth I really didn't even want to open this up again and look at it but am going to do my best. 


Any thoughts or experiences? 





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Hi Jean,


My core and balance post SAH was dreadful, i had lost all muscle tone, massive amount of strength and weight and I used to just topple over and also had lots of unexplained back pain. My answer was two and a half years afterwards I got a puppy...not maybe the best plan I know but I already had a older dog in the house but one which was quite happy if I didn’t walk him, much happier to snuggle up on sofa, whereas puppy meant I had to do daily long walks, if not twice. 


I ‘engaged’ my core when walking and always took my stick , even then I used to fall, so much that both my dogs know that if 8 drop the lead they have to stand still ... it became a training point but I built my stamina, my core, my distance and it’s been massive therapy. Also it helps to just give me quiet brain time. 


I cant do hard high energy exercise, swimming is tricky , yoga out now for any inverted moves so walking has been brilliant. 


So much so that last last year I tried paddle boarding and guess what? I can do it and that’s great for core, and if I get tired I can sit or kneel...so massive progress on that front. 


Just in the last month i have I have stopped taking my stick on my daily walks unless I feel wobbly and I probably now walk 3 miles each day ...But that’s 7 years since my event...some days I am still off , and can’t go as far but progress is still to be found. 


Hope you find what works works for you . Be curious and don’t look in the ordinary places for what helps. Walking can lead you to some amazing views. 


Take care

daff x 

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Hi Daffodil,


Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.  I feel like I am doing well but I do know the topple over feeling.  I am so encouraged by the fact you are still improving and still working on improving.  I get stuck sometimes....some days....I know I need to keep going and working on it...The good weather will help.


A dog is great as they have to go out rain or shine haha...I live near a pond and am hoping to see the owls that are reported living there, a bit of a bird geek I am :)


Thank you again...I tell myself everyday "I am a survivor"  



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Hi Jean,


I was bed bound for so long I had core problems, still do.  I was told I'd never walk again.


Started taking 2 steps now up to 500/600 yards then back aches,  I went swimming  but I could only swim under water as botty floated to top .

Not being flippant but it was good to stand where the water squirts out and hit my back ..was heaven.


Used to hang on and kick legs out which helped also.


I saw a comment on somewhere a man said he had to stand for a while and my back ached reading  it. 


My aim is to walk around a supermarket as I have to go in chair for long walks ..Good luck and never give up we will do it no matter what others say. I was really written off by my BI Team by a man saying to me "what makes you think you will walk again"  Ever wanted to say rude words to them lol.


But it helped as I wanted to prove him wrong and you must prove all doubters that the human spirit can do what it likes.. See you have helped me as I'm getting off my bum and a walk around the garden xxx got 2 seats if back goes  xxxxx 


Good luck Jean and remember you can do it  xxxxxxx





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Thanks Win,


I will keep up the fight and I know I am lucky as I can get up and move about and even go to work a few days a week...Sometimes I pay a price for it but...worth it to be living my life...Actually have a vacation planned next month...I always get a bit nervous when I go away but I will go..and I will have some fun :)


Your recovery is so inspirational and the good humor you share with us all, well I love it...

Who ever said to you "what makes you think you can walk again" perhaps is in the wrong occupation.  Hope is what gets us all up in the morning, it is what makes the a rainy day bearable...because we hope it will be a good day and that the sun will come out...


Hope you enjoyed your garden walk and thank you for the words of encouragement...needing them xxx


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Jean, like you I have problems with various things. Locally we have a group called going steady 


It's a chair based exercise group, at 57 I'm the youngest. We do these exercises and at first they seem way too easy to look at.


Oh how wrong was I. But, given it's only and hour doing this, it really increased my abilities to be stronger in stance and balance.


Being able to sit down and exercise was brilliant. We use the exercise bands of differing resistances. I'm now on black.


With these bands you can do so much, stretching, pulling and many more of the core exercises to strengthen your tummy, arms and legs.


You can also use them in a rolled up tube to help with your gripping too. Although these bands are only 5 feet long they do wonders for your body.


Give your local rehab unit a call and ask if there are such groups in your area?


Secondly and much more fun is exercise in a swimming pool, it's a lot harder to fall over and cause injuries.


Water resistance is surprisingly good at core repairing and strengthening too, combining both may offer a very nice end result. 


The nice thing about both of these is it appears to be a lazy way to exercise but take my word it's not, but I feel great after 36 weeks!



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