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Another day, another milestone

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I just wanted to share with you all that today was for me a landmark day, I have two main hobbies (apart from the animals :) )Photography, which I have been able to do to a limited extent and gardening which was for a whole year just out of the question, today I spent an hour pruning clematis and starting the mammoth task of bringing the garden back to look as though there is a gardener who lives here :!: We have a huge garden, about one and a half acres, some cultivated ( about half of it and one acre is supposed to be a nature reserve/conservation area, at the moment it is to my chagrin a wilderness :cry: Now I can really start and will get there in the end, I need to celebrate it's a great day :):)

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Hi Perry,

Lovely to hear you in such high spirits and yes, it's so good to achieve those activities, that we once enjoyed, but had to abandon for a little while.

Gardening is such great therapy and something that I've always loved ..... mind you, I still hate the weeding.... :wink:

Hope that you will take a photo of your garden and send it in .....like Myra, I would love to see it.....

Love K x

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Grand stuff, Perry!

Will you be growing any veggies? We have loads of spare seeds if you're wanting them! Our little garden only has room for a few rows of dinner (what with the blackcurrant bushes, rhubarb and the compost bins already in place!)

Mmmm, nowt like home-grown veg is there? :)

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