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Hello from Compostc 66year old male had my Sar 21 07 2012. I got my iPad this year so am just learning. Wish i had it 8 year ago This site would have helped me a lot back then. I can’t fault the hospital treatment and care but once discharged I was just left to get on with it. I think I’m still getting better though I still do to much . never seem to learn 

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Hello Compostc,


Welcome to BTG...I am so happy you have found us.  This is a wonderful group of folks, very happy to share and support everyone here.


I had my SAH at 64 years old, I also had a severe vasospasm following.  That was 3 1/2 years ago, and I am here and still feel like I am improving.  


I urge you to look through the site and read others stories, so many I have found inspirational and heart warming.


I too felt like once I was all released from medical care, that I should just go on and act like all was back to normal.  I needed more support but didn't find it until I found BTG, I am from the USA and couldn't find anything like this site there, told my doctors in Boston about it.


Well I will sign off for now, welcome and again happy you found us :)


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1 hour ago, Compostc said:

I think I’m still getting better though I still do to much . never seem to learn 


Welcome Compostc, you're in the right place now !! I'm just over 2 years into my recovery, so I totally get the trying too much.


Good luck with the technology...and I'll repeat Jean's 'Happy you found us' 

Keep safe



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Hi Compostc


A very warm welcome to BTG.

You will find a wealth of information and friendly support here.


So glad you have your ipad and have found this wonderful Forum.

Its really good to hear you are getting better. We all push our limits sometimes and pay for it, but if we didnt we would never know if we were improving. Go steady :) 


Feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green room :




We look forward to hearing more from you.


Take care

Tina :) 





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Hello to Swishy Diggly Dog and Tina. Thank you for the warm welcome. I’ve been looking at this site for a while now so I realise how informative it is. I had been a self employed gardener for 25 year and never got back full time but I still do a little bit. I would be lost without my iPad now especially with Covid . Sorry not to answer individually I haven’t done anything like this since school


Thank you again Compostc.


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Hi 'Compost' ... and also a warm welcome to BTG.


Great to have you with us to share your experiences, and glad you are finding the forums helpful.


You are doing well with your 'new' iPad.  The IT thing is something we all get better at the more we use it.


Well done 7 1/2 years since your SAH.  I do hope you are still enjoying gardening in your retirement. There are many of us who could use your expertise to get our own gardens in shape. As Tina mentioned...the Green Room is where we enjoy some banter and is aptly named in your case. 😊


Wishing you well in the months and years ahead.



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Hello Subzero thanks for the welcome. I am enjoying my garden more now, my grandchildren make sure no fruit goes to waste.although I seem do be doing more work for other people lately, 


Hello Louise thanks for welcome. Looks like the same weather as here up the east coast today. Good chance to put my feet up as I did to much again yesterday


Hello CaseyR Thanks for the welcome. I think we were lucky being older. I don’t know how younger people cope especially with children. I have four grandchildren l find it hard coping with them. They think I’m a miserable old # but I’m not really.



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