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  1. SAH Survivor - Wayne

    Hi Macca - Thank you for the advice and what I can do daily so I feel like I haven't missed a beat. It's tough and I never had to rely so much on taking notes/writing stuff down but anything helps. My my family has decided to take advantage of my disability and so they are trying to leave me penniless - it stinks but I'm trying to do everything that I can to protect myself. My family has gone out of their way to get lawyers and neurologists to say that my SAH is causing me to have issues in performing day to day things. It really stinks, but thank you for all the support. wayne
  2. SAH Survivor - Wayne

    Hi Win - thank you for the warm welcome. Yea, the abuse that is happening by my spouse and family is not right - but if I can handle the stress by talking it over with others helps quite a bit. wayne
  3. SAH Survivor - Wayne

    Hi Sharon - Thank you for the support. I feel like I have hit a wall at this point too. I just feel like I'm not remembering a whole lot and things are fuzzy. My doctors say that nothing's wrong but I say differently. I have started to protect myself with legal means just so that my family doesn't leave me out in the cold so to say - my spouse has kicked me out of our bedroom and has told me to sleep on the floor - she has a boyfriend that she is speaking to on her other phone - it's a mess - through all this I'm trying my best to remain healthy and happy - it's tough though. Thanks for listening and take care! Wayne
  4. SAH Survivor - Wayne

    Good morning, my name is Wayne and I'm a SAH survivor. My SAH happened on 3 April 2016 while I was making the bed. I don't remember a whole lot that happened that day but my spouse was told that I suffered a ruptured artery in my brain and would probably die if I wasn't life flighted to Anchorage, Alaska. I was living in Nome, AK and so it was a 4+ hour flight and they had to fly below 10,000 feet. About 16 hours later I was operated on and saved. In November of 2016, I had a craniotomy to have a metal clip placed in my head and that stopped the leaking of blood into my brain. Right now, I feel like I've hit a roadblock in learning or remembering things and it gets so frustrating some days. I've come to realize that I really have to take care of myself and watch my diet, stress, or anything that isn't healthy for me. I am currently going through some personal stuff where my family is taking advantage of my disability. Thank you for reading this and your support. Wayne