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      This is the forum to post in, if you've experienced a SAH with no known cause.

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      For all other types of stroke and childhood stroke

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      Discussion for carers of an SAH or stroke survivor.

    5. Untreated/Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms

      Please post here if you're living with aneurysm(s) that haven't been treated or totally occluded.

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      Please feel free to post details of your SAH/Stroke Anniversary here .

    7. Cerebral AVM's - Arteriovenous Malformations

      An abnormal connection between veins and arteries, usually congenital.

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      Please feel free to add your experience ... It gives a lot of comfort to new members. 

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      Tell us what you've found useful as an aid to your recovery (such as relaxation techniques etc.) and discuss natural diet advice/healthy living tips. This is also the forum to post in, if you need or can offer advice on Benefits that can be claimed after a SAH/Stroke

    2. Introduce Yourself

      Tell us about yourself here and please feel free to include an account of your SAH/Stroke.

    3. Driving After SAH

      Sharing experiences of getting back to driving and useful suggestions and tips. 

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    • Hi there   I had that problem until I bought V shaped pillow - I found it eased the pressure a lot and I slept better.  Like Clare still uses her memory foam, I still use a v shaped 16 years on.  I even take it with me when I'm stopping somewhere overnight.
    • Hi, I had my SAH in May and work as a nurse in insurance. I returned to work in September and found it very hard on 15hrs per week. I’m now on 20hrs with a view to doing 25 hrs in January 2023. From my experience I would say a return to work over 6 months is far more realistic and even then I’m not sure I’ll make full time.   I’m 52 and need to work as single parent so very motivated to do as much as I can but I’ve found it very difficult. Tasks such as reading, talking in groups, being in meetings and doing higher cognitive tasks just wipe me out. Varying my tasks throughout the morning help and doing the hardest things first thing also help. Good 👍 luck!
    • Thank you Claire, that’s good you’ve found relief. I do actually have a memory foam too but thought it was maybe the problem with it being quite hard. I might have to investigate other options.  
    • Hi Lily I too had pressure pain after my bleed. I bought a hard memory foam pillow and this really helped. I still use it now.  Hope that helps.  Clare 
    • Does anyone else experience pressure pain at the back of their head on your pillow whilst in bed? I had a NASAH 7 months ago but still get this ache most nights and wonder if it will ease? Looking for advice on anything that helps rather than just taking pain relief, thank you 
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