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    • Hi that's the reason I took it for a couple of weeks as it was just to see if it worked to help diagnose me hope things improve for you soon xxx
    • Thanks Jess, I think it is a problem without solution, sad to say.  For all the things out there dealing with inflammation is a tricky thing, especially for anyone with history of bleeding.  I keep searching hoping to find an answer but... I am sorry you also have pain.  the prednisone is only a very short term solution, I think more of a confirmation that my pain is from  an inflammatory process... So ice is good still, I do get a lot of relief from it.. Prednisone will be tapered off in a couple of days. xx Jean  
    • Hi I would love to be able to tell you what medication is and isn't safe and works best however it would be really dangerous to try as I am advised not to take ibuprofen but others do different drugs interact with others in ways that can be really harmful    They wanted me to take prednisone but I was advised against it so am in agony but you have been prescribed it so I really would go and see you dr and speak to them as I wouldn't want to give out this kind of advice and be responsible for naking a person really ill    Hope you find something and the pain eases soon xxx
    • Hello, I am 4 years post SAH and vasospasm.  Right now I am working to become more comfortable from chronic back and neck pain.  I have just learned it is causing nerve pain which up until now I have been blaming on my SAH.  I think I blame everything on it truthfully. It is also causing numbness down my leg. It seems to be chronic inflammation, did not suspect this.   So I have been seeing a Neuro who has diagnosed me with a pinched nerve in my neck, part of the problem but also has started me on a short course of Prendisone.  Well the Prendisone has made quite a difference.  I realize it is not a long term answer as it will cause a lot of side effects.  Up until now since my SAH I have only used Tylenol, which I think is not very effective, and lots and lots of ice to quiet my back and neck. I almost never bother with Tylenol.   Any thoughts, or info on post SAH safe meds, vitamins anything that helps with chronic inflammation.   thanks for any suggestions or thoughts I will continue with my Neuro but I fear I might be dead ended and the pain will return with the end of the prendisone... Jean  
    • Thank you Daffodil, that has been a great comfort.  It must be very different as I only need to stay in for one night!  I hope your check up went okay.  I know how you feel about the scans although it’s good they are being so thorough and monitoring. 
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