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    • And I'm sure you'll recover quicker than we did in leaving the massive gaps between winning the league and the European championships.  I blame being a Liverpool supporter for a lot of my stress and euphoria in equal measure.  But as with me - gone are glory days of the 80s!!
    • Daniel, I can only say that "stats" vary .... It took me quite some years of searching and looking for the same as you.   I literally researched everything, including medical papers and these didn't give me the answers either.   As a forum/website, we've taken part in quite a few requests for research post SAH.   I can understand that you want answers....I did too ... but I've never got them.   The only thing that I did explore a couple of years down the line, was my own family medical history and that my Grandfather, his two sons and his daughter all had a brain haemorrhage/stroke on their death certificate. My Dad is the only survivor from his family....so I'm guessing that genetics come in to play too. x    
    • Good morning All and thank you for the responses and helpful information....its sunny outside which really makes you feel happy to be alive...    Weedrea thank you for your kind words and your views and story, I think being analytical is a really unhelpful trait for this particular problem....... I am finding making sense of the invisible quite a challenge..   Our Nicolas or Pritis ..( see how descriptive these names are, instantly with either you know how frustrating, tiring and irritating the condition is)  .... don't want to give up answers and a clear and understandable road map to recovery, each answer is different, each expert a different view...    I did love your final comment about your brother and banging your head... knowing someone who has a position of power and responsibility that you know so well as a child or adult is scary....    And Subs thank you for sending the link to Neil's website i have scan read it and will go back more thoroughly later today...    Having received my blood tests back and having had a long chat with my GP even though all tests were clear and in order I suspect and the GP agrees I must have had either a virus or separate infection for the couple of weeks I was really struggling physically...   I do agree and will learn from the "too full on" approach to activity I had taken with the move and collecting the greenhouse but I was in far too much pain all over for it to have been connected to my SAH...   Just another invisible unknown in why I can't perform as the young batman I was pre SAH...   I am certainly weaker and have little stamina but have in the last 2 days with my fiancé managed to win the battle of the greenhouse so that is up and useable.... it only took me 20 times longer than it would have done !!!..   Next projects, the poor car.... need to find some parts online then get under the bonnet and magically become a mechanic before getting into the more cosmetic jobs she requires...   Bought a new arc welder yesterday so can try and learn that skill and make a Smoker BBQ from the oil drums I purchased.. , things to support gardening and being outside just in case we get a summer...   Subs you are so right with Liverpool and Allison's remarkable last ditch goal to save our season...   life and the world is random and extraordinary....   I am sure Skippy can understand when I sometimes see mylife and my SAH as linked with their story....ups and downs, challenges, enormous successes and like the Villa loss, unfathomable defeats .... they have a plethora of data and still the unthinkable happens so maybe I should try to be less intense about finding a mathematical conclusion for my recovery and just try to be happy everyday I am here...   With that the sheep and bleating and the weather report says the morning is the best part so I will get up and see what can be done... I will look in later on and see what else I can find in threads...   Have a great day all and enjoy... D x     
    • Hi Daniel .... well Liverpool FC statistics were all over the place come the last minute of added time yesterday.  A keeper scoring the winning goal  was certainly not in the script.    Speaking about statistics..... I am sure you will agree that even the best you can gather, can fail to give the full picture. `Feelings` are so difficult to quantify yet in a post SAH survivor they mean everything. As Andrea says in her challenging post above, getting answers can be so difficult. To keep your statistics in perspective you will find some highly informative member input in Neil hapgood`s thread below. His bleed occurred almost 14 years ago while surfing. Neil also set up a very informative website to give an insight into how he tried to cope with life post bleed. Well worth a read. http://www.braininjuryftp.com//4589821675   Subs
    • ...I prefer to call mine Priti Patel - small and malevolent. But let's not get political here! The only thing I will say is having been brought up in Northern Ireland. the "Ulster-isation" of politics in Scotland and the UK more generally is so very depressing. Everything is becoming so polarised, it's them vs us. It makes me so sad. It wasn't until I left NI when I was 18 that I realised the psychological impact of living somewhere constantly on edge.   Anyway, back to the point in question. I am quite like you in that I want to know the "why" for everything. I have arthritis in my wrists which I've had since I was a child. About 9 years ago I quit all my medication cold turkey - something I would not recommend to anyone. I was young and foolish! Anyway, I spent the next few years reading everything I could, trying to change my diet, lifestyle etc to "help" my arthritis. Whilst it hasn't "fixed" anything, I have got to the stage of not needing medication and have slowed down the degeneration of my wrists. I know many people would say I'm still being foolish by not taking the meds but I want to understand why it's happening and not just take medication to reduce rather than heal the problem.   So when I had my SAH 5 years ago I approached my "research" with similar gusto. I'll say one thing, it is a rabbit hole. And 5 years on I have no real answers.  Do I have any of the risk factors for a brain bleed? No  Did I have high blood pressure? No - in fact I had low blood pressure! Family history? No Was I exercising too hard? Doubt it Have I always had brain aneurysms? Who knows! Did my low-protein diet in the years before my bleed have an impact? I feel yes it must have. It surely can't be good for vein health to not be eating good quality protein. Did my long-term inflammation from arthritis have an impact? This is one that I can say maybe. Inflammation can damage blood vessels so it'd be logical to think it could have an impact. https://nnjournal.net/article/view/220 And so did my "cold turkey" on the meds make a difference given I wasn't taking anti-inflammatory medication? Possible. I'd always viewed not taking painkillers as good given they can reduce blood clotting. But then I read this and again my answer is, who knows! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4458147/ My aneurysms haven't grown or changed since my bleed. Has eating meat helped? Probably yes. Has fasting helped? Probably yes https://www.healthline.com/health-news/fasting-can-help-ease-inflammation-in-the-body and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3695639/   So who knows anything! There's so much uncertainty about how or why brain bleeds happen and that just then that makes it feel like facts and stats are limited. I've resolved to view my bleed as a freak incident, one that will hopefully not happen again. All I can do is be aware of the risk factors and do my best to reduce them. My brother is a doctor and his advice to me was "try not to bang your head"....seriously?! 7 years of study for that wisdom!  
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