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  1. Subarachnoid Haemorrhage/Stroke Discussion

    1. 23,111
    2. Non-Aneurysm SAH or Perimesencephalic SAH

      This is the forum to post in, if you've experienced a SAH with no known cause.

    3. Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Polls

      This forum allows members to post a question on Subarachnoid Haemorrhage matters which should also include a Poll. All newly started Polls will be subject to Admin and Moderators approval before they appear on this forum.

    4. Stroke Discussion

      For all other types of stroke and childhood stroke

    5. Carers Support

      Discussion for carers of an SAH or stroke survivor.

    6. Untreated/Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms

      Please post here if you're living with aneurysm(s) that haven't been treated or totally occluded.

    7. SAH/Stroke Anniversaries

      Please feel free to post details of your SAH/Stroke Anniversary here .

    8. Cerebral AVM's - Arteriovenous Malformations

      An abnormal connection between veins and arteries, usually congenital.

  2. General Discussion

    1. Advice & Tips/Healthy Living/Benefits

      Tell us what you've found useful as an aid to your recovery (such as relaxation techniques etc.) and discuss natural diet advice/healthy living tips. This is also the forum to post in, if you need or can offer advice on Benefits that can be claimed after a SAH/Stroke

    2. Introduce Yourself

      Tell us about yourself here and please feel free to include an account of your SAH/Stroke.

    3. Driving After SAH

      Sharing experiences of getting back to driving and useful suggestions and tips. 

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    • For those interested in detailed medical studies, I found this fairly recent review article on SAH to be very informative: Perimesencephalic Hemorrhage: A Review of Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Presumed Cause, Clinical Course, and Outcome
    • Thanks, Catwoman. I guess  I am very lucky not to have the headaches.     Thanks, Casey for adding your information.   I have a friend and also a cousin who have experienced SAH and both were in a coma for a significant period.      I am sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience. Makes me even more thankful for my good fortune. I wish you the best for continued recovery.    
    • Hi NukeProf,   I had mine in 2009 was out approx. just under a year  I used to talk but remember nothing,  after shunt was fitted to get rid of hydrocephalus I awoke and both me and Daughter had a good cry and we now laugh at the things I said when out of it.   I was in hospital I am told and said to Daughter get my handbag Sarah and she told me "It isn't here Mum"  I told her not to muck about but she told me I wasn't having any of it.  I thought I was in a cafe we frequented instead of hospital bed  ha ha xxx and lunchtime   The OT's gave up on me but not Family was told in 2nd Hospital to put me in a home as I'd never be as was. My Hubby said "No we will take her home"  I was lucky when they gave out hubbies    Sounds like you have made a remarkable recovery  I had SAH4 and was not as lucky as you ..After being told I'd never walk by my Brain injury team  I can now walk when feeling fine 800 to 1000 yards but then back goes.  Some days I ache so bad I don't walk at all  but I can shower myself and have my dignity back.  Thanks to Kings College and my Family and this site xxxx.   Good luck on your remarkable recovery and we expect aches and twinges but we are survivors ..We are Special  plus I cry easier now. xxxx
    • NukeProf,   I was 62 when I experienced my “event”. I experienced no coma at all. I did have a few seizures. I think the area of the brain affected by the bleed determines the symptoms. Although we all seem to be bothered by cognitive fatigue, short term memory loss, and headaches. You seem to be quite fortunate to have recovered well in a short time. 
    • Welcome to the site. You know I cannot give you med advice. I have seen many patients in coma for a long time but it s not from SAH. It is very common to have headaches and the key is to drink lots of fluids, rest, no stress, etc.  you ll see there are many helpful threads here.
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