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Long Term Effects


Long Term Effects

Recovery from a subarachnoid haemorrhage can take many months or years and can be slow and uneven. Most effects improve with time but therapy or rehabilitation can help with the more persistent problems. You should discuss this with your GP.


Long term effects include:

• Physical disability such as limb weakness

• Impaired or double vision

• Personality changes such as increased irritability or disinhibition

• Memory problems


Karen (45) from Dorset, SAH July 2005 says:

I have found that my pre-menstrual tension is a lot worse since the SAH. My emotions seem to be more exaggerated or enhanced than they once used to be. My temper is quicker, but still fair; it's just that I really don't want to waste my life with stuff that doesn't matter anymore. I get irritated when people make a mountain out of a mole hill or kick off about silly things.


Keith (46) from Hampshire, SAH August 2006 says:

I am a bit more irritable than I was before and find myself taking it out on my family from time to time. My short term memory is not what it once was and I need constant reminders of certain things. I get tired very easily if I overdo things, so I must learn to listen to my brain telling me it's had enough!


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It's been 2.5 years for me and I am actually a lot calmer than I used to be because anger and stress feel like such a waste of precious time and emotion. I do still have daily headaches and am in treatment for them. Fortunately not everyone gets those, although I know of three people who were and are extremely active (like me) and deal with them too. I have minor memory issues. Fatigue, for me, does not come from overdoing it physically, but on a bad head day just having to think and work as a teacher can exhaust me.

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I second that comment Teechur.  I also feel that life is too precious to waste on those wasteful pursuits.  Then again I might forget all this and go back to the bad old me.  Hope not.

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