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5 Aneurysms! by martin


I am glad to have found a site dealing with Brain issues and hopefully I can pick some brains, excuse the pun, not intended.

I have recently been diagnosed with 5 Cerebral Aneurysms, 1 in the Basilar region, 1 Orthalmic and 3 Middle Cerebral regions, these were found by accident when I went for a MRI scan for memory issues. No other symptoms at all!

I went for an Angiogram last week and the news was somewhat dissapointing, according to the Neuroradiologist he can fix the one in the Basilar Region and he will fix this one by coiling and a stent on my Birthday this week!

Happy Birthday!

The orthalmic one he considers to be small and they will monitor this one, the other 3 can only be fixed by open surgery, 3 procedures!

They are all 6mm and all 3 are in areas like a traffic round-about with 4 incoming roads, smack in the middle, so not so nice.

What surprised me is the Neurosurgeon feels he can fix them, but on a one to one with the Neuroradiologist, his advice is to leave them alone, as to try to fix them will result in definate brain damage, so it is all a bit of a conundrum!

I will go for the coiling and stent on Wednesday and see how that one pans out and then i guess it will be decision time, there after.

Any information or views will be greatly appreciated.



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