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A Short Story by Bandicoot


I had an SAH in October 2009. I believe I have done very well in my recovery, but still do have a lot of niggling health problems. With a friend's encouragement I looked again for an on-line support group and am pleased that this has a positive and supportive feeling about it.

My SAH happened suddenly with a bad headache. I was with family and visiting a mountain area. I told my partner I had a bad headache and decided to test whether I could still drive with the headache. I drove a short way and then stopped and asked one of my family to drive me for help. I said I thought I needed my blood pressure checking and we agreed to go to hospital. That was a good call!

I have had a few family members who have had SAH and 2 of them died on the spot. So I seemed to know instinctively that it could be that. I had 2 weeks in intensive care and after release to a general ward asked to go home after a day, which I did.

So, tough old me went back to work after 4 weeks off and I worked full-time for all of 2010. I was tired all the time and often came home and slept after work and 2 1/2 hrs travel each day. I finally realised that it was too much this year and am working this year 3 days per week until June 30, 2011. I have been trying to get my resiliance and strength back and this is working bit by bit.

It's tough working in a competitive environment and not wanting to divulge too much at work about how difficult it is for me health wise. I do feel lucky though and believe I have come through quite well. My health issues are annoying and my body feels quite strange and different to how I was before the SAH. I will be looking online to see if anyone else has jaw problems, dizziness, very stiff neck and back, tiredness (still), lack of strength (but I was a slob last year), hair loss, memory problems and general ditsiness.

I am happy to be here and hope to find some support online and hopefully offer a bit too.

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