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Blueday's Story


Hello all… my name is ‘Blueday’, well no it isn’t, but a name is a name is a name.

When I tried to register here with my actual name and e mail I was rejected. The computer told me I was a ‘Spammer’ and so refused. I did tell the computer that I wasn’t..I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and a Stroke with Aphasia. That is why you are reading this and not hearing it from my mouth. I even tried again and again with the computer….but rejected me. I even said “Please… let me in” and frustrated, but even with just half a brain you can learn ”Slowly, slowly catch a monkey!” so blueday was born.

This story is actually not about blueday at all. Blueday put a potted history about his SAH and illness in my Aphasia page. Yes the wrong place….. a few more details are there. This story is about ‘Izzy’. Izzy is a dog (female) [ as I can’t say ***** here]

Izzy is a pedigree Shih Tzu *****…oops! (I always have to be so careful when I say that). She is 4 years and 4 months old now……but there is a reason why she was put on this earth. Now she lives with us and Khan….Genghis Khan (Shih Tzu dog/male) who is 6 month old pup…so no surprise who is the Boss.

I’m sure your thinking …… as I enunciate correctly, why Shih Tzu’s? Well, my other two dogs are Dobermanns. Strong and quick……all dogs are loyal, so am I….to Dogs as I am a Dog Man!

When Izzy was a small puppy I always played games with her. Playing the fool……walking into the lounge..’Agh’ I played playing dead laying on the floor as she jumped on me, licking me….tail wagging!

This is a true story.

It was 7th March 2006, something you always remember burnt on to half of my brain.

My Lover who was dashing out leaving home a little late for work….whose name for these purposes was ‘Angel’ she was kissed at the door as I waved her off at 8:45 am. I walked to the kitchen to make tea…..

then BANG!....wow….dizzy and losing my balance……….deep breaths, panting breaths continuously deep in and out, more air as I panted. What’s the matter with me…..it’s just a bad morning; it will pass with more deep breaths. I best lie down before I fall.

Staggering to the lounge holding on to walls….where is the sofa before it passes, like it has done before. Just a bad day! I never made it there…..I collapsed. I just want to sleep….just lay down before I fall. What I didn’t know then now I can fill in the gaps. Going into a coma as my body was preparing itself to check out. It’s natural that when your body is going, it goes natural; as everything leaves your body………get my gist? No further explanation is necessary….in case I meet you again. Izzy did her job……..jumping on me….licking me constantly on my mouth on my lips…which I can assure you she has never done that since that day. She brought me back. Bringing me round…. I still had no idea what was my predicament…..but constant vomiting…just liquid I couldn’t stop!

In my head ‘phone help’. Thankfully grabbing my mobile I pressed direct call to my Angel. “Come back…….not well” as I vommited again and seeing the mess….it can’t be me it must have been the dog…as I push her off still licking me. Somehow I showered myself and changed as my Lover was seen as my Angel. Still we didn’t know what was the matter, as she carefully drove me to the hospital as gently as she could drive. Each movement and jerk pounded my head. She didn’t go to work that day.

I gave my name and all the details with my eyes closed…talking slowly as we later had to wait to see the Triage nurse. Offering me Aspirin for my head as I had to wait. Angel explained I am allergic to Aspirin so offered me Paracetemol. We sat there for 4 hours. Until I collapsed again and went in to a Coma like. That got their attention. All that I adequately remember over the next 2 months before 1 month rehabilitation.

I was coiled twice. When I was let home………Izzy went berserk when she saw me again…so did I. I have been told since; if I had gone into a prolonged coma with internal bleeding without attention until Angel got home from work…I wouldn’t be writing this. Izzy is my heroine!

So this just closes a page in our lives. Blueday, Angel with Izzy and Khan and the Dobies. In our house Izzy is still a celebrity as my extended family know about these events. With the dogs at the park and other dogs chase little Izzy…..the bigger Dobies do their job too, so strangers stand off! ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out my Shih Tzu !!!’

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