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On the 13th November 2010 I collapsed at home with a horrendous headache, I had a stiff neck and was vomiting, I thought that I had meningitis. My family called 999 and I was taken to my local hospital. At the hospital I had a ct scan which showed that I had a bleed on my brain. I was then transferred to Hurstwood park Neurological hospital. The following day I had an angiogram which showed that I had an SAH and that they would fix it by coiling it. I was in ITU for 9 days in which I can only remember parts of it and on the ward for 5 days when they let me home o recover with my family.

Nearly 4 months on I am due another angiogram but I am really worried about the what if....

I am 34 years old and have 4 children, I have never felt so helpless... all I keep hearing is how lucky I am to be here, but no one knows how I feel, how low I feel and the worry if it happens again.

My headaches went for a couple of weeks and are now back with stabbing pain on top and to the back of my head, all I have been given is strong pain killers by my gp.

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