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Glad to be Here!


Wow! so glad to have happened by this brilliant website, can't wait to share it with my family!

Well here goes ... I had a SAH on 26/5/10, totally out of the blue, had never heard of them before, except to think they happened to "other people" and that you died!!!!.well what a learning experience the last month has been and until I found this website was starting to think the hard part was being home this past 11 days.

What I've been through since then, the SAH seems a bit like "wee buns". A lot of it is hazy ...all I remember is as a very active fit 40yr old I was planning on walking to my local post office on a lovely sunny morning, before coming home having a coffee and then going for a treck across fields with the dog. What actually happened was I saw my daughter off to school (don't remember) picked up the letters to post and collapsed in the front hall with the most awful pain in my head and neck I've ever had.

As soon as I "hit the deck" I started vommiting and tried to get up, but my legs just would not work!!! I remember putting them into the position to crawl and trying, but only the top half of my body moved.

I lay there unconscious for 8 hours until my daughter came home from school. She said I told her it was a bad headache, so she helped me into bed and from 5 o,clock Monday evening until 8pm Tuesday night she never left me, she said I just "slept" and vommited and made no sense. She stayed off school and all this time I told her it was just a headache.

That changed when I woke up screaming with the pain and she rang her Grandfather, who upon arriving phoned an ambulance.

Initially I was taken to local hospital upon results of cat scan was transferred to Royal Victoria Belfast in emergency ambulance, very ill. My family was told the next 12 hours were critical as medical attention wasnt sought for nearly 2 days. My daughter feels so bad, but I've told her she's only 14 and I kept telling her it was a headache!!!

My other daughter at University was rushing home totally distraught and arrived at my bedside just before surgery. I cannot remember anything at all of these 3 days until I woke on the Thursday after the coiling operation.

To cut long story short, I'm now home and totally frustrated ...can't do things I've done before, such lovely weather outside but want to hide away, overwhelmed by most things. Tired, very sore muscles, no memory, finding it difficult to get to the end of a conversation. Cry at the drop of a hat and still in shock that this happened to me.

All my plans for summer activities with family including my 41st birthday, have been scrapped. Know this might sound trivial in light of what happened but have put on a stone in weight in hospital, through comfort eating and the great hospital food and friends and family bringing me treats and cannot even muster up the energy to go for a walk.

My life as I knew it, seems to have been taken away from me and I feel so low. My moods swings from being reasonably ok when its just me and my daughter to irritable, scared and cross. I also have an aneurysm that needs an operation in late august, so my recovery is delayed until I go through this.

Any help or support from people who have "come out the other side" or are going through similar at minute would really really be appreciated.

Many thanks


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