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Hello, my name is Joy - Elizabeth Bogardus


Hello, My name is Joy on July 27,2007 My Mother was struck with a Subarachnoid Aneurysm(rupture). She had three of them, only one ruptured. We are at 60 days now and WOW what a ride so far. I can only imagine what mother is going through????????? I wish I could crawl into her brain to see. She also suffered a stroke as well. She is alive and we are grateful for that. She has a great team of Neurosurgeons, from UMPC Presbyterian In Pittsburgh PA. They are the best. The top of the list. They didn't have much hope to begin with, they said it was the worst they have seen. they have clipped 2 and are "watching" a little one on the left side of her brain. The larger 2 are on her right side. She is in a skilled nursing Hospital now and they are going to move her to MaGees Womens Hospital Monday. She has to get alot of PT, OT, and ST. She has a Trac but can tolerate it capped, and hope it will be gone soon she has to many secretions. She has paralysis on her left side , and has failed swallowing test. She has good and bad days and this week she had a break through seizure. She does commands, writes on a dry easel board , we think her perception is off. She gets confused and sleeps a lot (I understand this is normal) Any information would be helpful To our family, so that we might know what going on in her head. She does not talk yet. Thank you for reading this and any information.

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