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Hi All! My Story by nikopie


I had my SAH 14-Jan-2010 at 26 years old. Was playing indoor soccer and was keeper, at that point had been playing that position for 20 years and is the only position I really know how to play, absolutely love playing.

Anyway, first half, guy had a breakaway, I came out and challenged him and as I slid in for the ball he took his shot. Took a full strength knee to my temple, and then my head bounced off the ground, which was just astro turf over cement. LOC of 5-10 seconds. Woke up saw everyone standing around me. First words were "Did I save it?" I did.

After much ballyhooing I finally went to the hospital, had a CAT scan, and was then thrown into an ambulance and rushed to the Trauma center. Fortunately, they monitored the bleeding, and no surgery or operation was needed. Spend 24 hours in the Trauma unit before being released. Again, I did save the ball though.

Made pretty much a full recovery, however, I do have some sensitivity to noises. Certain frequencies or sounds or noises I cannot tolerate at all anymore, and they go straight to my head and I got excruciating headaches. Also just get headaches from time to time which never used to happen. Oh well, it could have been worse. But again, I did save it!

During one of the many MRI/CAT scans, they also noticed a meningioma tumor, which is benign. I'm now subjected to MRI's once a year to monitor it.

I do have a question... one doctor told me I couldn't play soccer (as keeper) ever again. Which was not what I wanted to hear. At all. Another doctor told me after 5 years from the injury I could start playing again. Anyone know anything about this or can provide feedback?


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