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Hi, I'm Cath by cathmat


I suffered a SAH due to burst berry aneurism on 16 November 2011. I underwent a coil embolisation on the 17th November. The next 3 weeks were a bit of a blur. I had an infection, was placed on antibiotics and ended up spending 3 weeks in a neurology high dependency unit before being discharged on the 11th of December. My recovery has been amazing (so i am told). The vomiting has finally stopped however i still feel nauseous a lot of the time. Fatigue is a problem and my friend vertigo and balance. I couldn't seem to find any support groups in my area and would really love to talk to someone who is also left with vertigo. I feel a little lost and alone. I have an amazing family, partner and friends but still feel alone. I'm still off work: I work for the NHS and am unable to go back at present. I am awaiting an MRI angiogram then I'll know more. I would love to speak to someone. Thanks for listening.


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