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Jane McQueen


Hi my name is Jane. I am a new member to this site.

Last November I had a SAH. Was out shopping on a Saturday afternoon when I a had a split second headache, never had anything like that before. I thought I could carry on, but only got round the corner from shops when I passed out on the street, don't know how long I lay there.

When I woke up in the ambulance, very disorientated, the ambulance man thought I had had a stroke. I was rushed into the Royal Infirmary Glasgow, the family had to be called for. Was then transferred to the Southern General Hospital. It was touch and go, but I pulled through. I was in hospital for four weeks, had to learn to walk again. Also lost sight in left eye.

I was always at doctors with sinus problems but was always given antibiotics for pain but never sent for an x-ray. Maybe if I had, they could have spotted the aneurysm. Have fought my way back to some normality after a year, but I have got my confidence back and am able to go out by myself once more.

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