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Kat's Story


Hi, I am new to this site and I found it whilst looking for some answers and support. My Mum died on 6th December 2010. She was 60 yrs old. I really hope I do not upset anyone at all. I am just looking for support that will somehow help me cope with what has happened.

My mum had an aneurysm. This was discovered almost 2 years ago. We were assured that everything would be fine and that the doctors would monitor my mum and If this got larger they would take steps to operate. You just accept what the doctors say and never think the worse. My Mum never got any follow up appointments to check the size etc. Does anyone know how often this should have been looked at?

Also my Mum was recently in hospital for an issue with her heart. The Doctors had to re-start her heart to get a normal rhythm back. They also gave her Aspirin to take, one per day. However, my Mum was not on a blood thinner due to her aneurysm. She was released from hospital on 6th November and died on 6th December. I just feel somehow this has added to the pressure in her brain and perhaps had an effect on the aneurysm. I'm also thinking that surely if a patient is being treated for any issue the doctors should still take into consideration, that said patient has other medical conditions. i.e will this affect her aneurysm?... and if so, lets keep her in and get a scan done to be safe.

I found my Mum at her home, after trying to contact her for over an hour I thought something was wrong and I went to her house, but sadly it was too late, she had already passed away from the rupture. I had only seen her that same day around 4pm ..... I found her just after 9pm the same night.

I can't begin to even think, how I can possibly pick up the pieces and carry on without her here.... She was my life, I need her and I'm struggling so much without her. The fact that it was so sudden does not help. I keep having flash backs of finding her, if I'd gone around earlier could I have saved her? The funeral, being given her ashes, having to clear her house out and then.......nothing... Just left with this huge emptiness that can never be filled. All I watch, is the seconds tick by and I know my life will never be the same ever again.

I pray I have not upset or offended anyone.

Kat x

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