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Life Stopped, then it Started (by Stephen)


Well mine started on the night we prayed for the Saints

I had a horrendous pain on the left side of my head.

I knew it was bad and felt something had blew.

Just what it was, I didn’t have a clue?

I managed some how to phone for Helena.

The next few weeks my memories are mixed some vague some clearer.

I remember the scan, they said I had a problem....

A bleed on the brain oh dear that sounded grave

Helena and my son Stevie they tried so hard to be brave.

I heard a male nurse say that this is not a problem, it happens all the time.

We'll take him to the Southern and he will be just fine.

I woke in the morning and was moved after nine to ward sixty five.

The surgeon who I saw, said it loud and clear.

I was in deep trouble it was then I began to fear.

My time on this earth was not in my hands, but was it was all down to the man at my bed all dressed in blue.

He told us both of the dangers the operation had in store.

Perhaps a stroke, a heart attack, a seizure or how my brain would be, we will need to wait, then afterwards, we all will see.

Going for the surgery, I never will forget the deep and heart felt emotions that went round in my thoughts.

The tears that flowed I thought never would stop.

The fear of death, it did feel quite strange.

But for me I was so sad that I might never see my boys and wife ever again.

I was so grateful when I heard the nurse say "Stephen your in recovery and doing great!"

The next few weeks I lay on my back and gave blood about four times a day.

The old Stephen would have moaned like hell but no, not me this time.

I have changed as a person for that I am quite sure.

I have never a doubt that my boys and wife will always know how much I love them. I tell that often, they ask me for space as they think I will crush them.

The point of writing this, I hope is clear, that we should never feel fear of what happens the next day. Just try to ensure the people you love are safe and know you love them while you are here.


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