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Mandy's Story


May 27th 2008 was my birthday... I had arranged to go shopping with my husband, daughter and grandchildren.

I woke feeling very poorly was sick and my head hurt and I had very large zig zag shapes going on in my eyes... but most of all I was just so tired and I really just wanted to sleep..

My hubby brought me tea... I didnt even attempt to drink it, which raised his alarm bells. He rang NHS Direct for advice - he then called the GP surgery. The local GP came out and did the chin on chest thing, amongst other things and thought it might be meningitis so asked my husband to take me to A&E which he did - I slept on the way there too.

The Doc in A&E wanted me to have a CT scan... the other medics were not convinced, but thankfully he did insist... (Thank you Guy) It showed that I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage.... he told me he was going to send me to another hospital which he did.

I went high speed by ambulance (thank you ladies ) and arrived at HDI unit in LGI.

I met the neuro surgeon who told me about coiling (this is all a bit vague but I am doing my best to recall) he arranged to have it done the next day however it was a couple of more days before I had it (not quite remembering why that was)

I was on monitors, ECG's etc. I had a lumber drain put in which helped initially reducing a little pressure and I had the coiling done. Apparently, I was in very good spirits although probably "morphed out".

I spent a week in HDU and then onto a ward for the following week.

I was discharged on the 9th June 2008.

This is a very vague recollection of the events and some detail as been left out but it is true and correct to the best of my ability Thank you.


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