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Margaret's Story


I thought I would tell you my story after reading some of the others.

It all started on Sunday 15 May this year. I had got up around 6 a.m. I am not a great sleeper so this was nothing unusual. I read for about an hour and then decided I would go to the shop for the Sunday papers and then planned to start some painting as we were in the middle of some major decorating. I looked at the clock and it was 7 a.m. I then felt the most incredible pain at the back of my head, it was like an explosion and I remember thinking to myself "oh my god what's that" I stumbled accross the lounge and staggered up the stairs to get my partner. I literally fell onto the bed, all I kept saying was "my head, my head".

My partner woke up and still groggy said I must have a migraine. I felt violently sick and got up of the bed and dragged myself into the bathroom but the pain in my neck was so intense that I couldn't lean over the toilet. In the meantime my partner had brought up some paracetamol and water but I didn't take them. My speech was slurred and I think he realised this was something serious. He got me out to the car and my legs felt numb but along with the pain and nausea the light was burning my eyes and I spent the 15 min car journey with my hands over my eyes still mumbling about wanting to be sick.

On arriving at the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby I could not stand so I was wheeled into A & E where I was seen immediately and had a scan within minutes. I can't describe how bad the pain was and luckily they gave me morphine but I also vomitted a lot. The doctor said the scan showed a bleed on the brain and they were transferring me to Hull Royal Infirmary Neurological Dept.

I was conscious throughout and remember wondering why they had the flashing lights on the ambulance, it was around lunchtime I think when we got there. My partner had been trying to contact my daughter but got no answer and eventually drove to her home. After arriving at Hull I had an angiogram and was told that I had a ruptured aneurysm and they would take me to theatre and coil it the next day. I didn't sleep the whole night due to the pain despite having regular morphine injections. The next morning I was taken to theatre and had the coiling. When I woke up the headache was bearable and the doctors told me that the operation had gone well although they had found a further aneurysm.

I spent the next 7 days in the HDU and was then transferred to the neurological ward for a further week. I was monitored at least every 15-20 mins throughout my stay and the care and attention I received was just amazing. My partner and daughter (who had only had a baby 3 weeks before) along with my family visited me every day of my stay and I know how much of a shock it has been for them. I am slowly recovering and had a check up a couple of weeks ago. I am due to have an angiogram within the next couple of months to check that the coils have settled and also to discuss what (if any) further treatment I may need on the other aneurysm.

I am so glad that I found this site and that my side effects are "normal"!! I get great support from family and friends but like others find it hard to explain how I feel. I always say that I am getting better even though I have good/bad days as you feel that's what's expected. I know how fortunate I am, I didn't suffer any seizures/fits and am hoping that I can soon drive as I am intending to return to work in about a month and it will be really inconvenient to walk at least a mile to the bus stop as i I live 10 miles from my workplace.

I too have my moments of feeling like I have a time bomb ticking away and even worry about going up to bed to sleep and spending time on my own. I guess it just takes time to get over something major as this and knowing others are there for advice and support is a great comfort.

Anyway, thanks for this and sorry its so long.

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