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Mike's Story


Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I had my SAH on October 11, 2011. I had been experiencing a headache for a couple days that suddenly got really bad while I was dressing for work. I am not one to run to the hospital but I called my sister and asked her to call an ambulance while I unlocked the door. I last remember being loaded into the ambulance in Aiken, South Carolina and waking up almost 3 weeks later in the ICU of a hospital in Augusta, Georgia. I was experiencing a small bleed while at home and thankfully I was in the Aiken ICU when the big bleed happened. My heart stopped several times when the big bleed started and without a doubt I would not have survived without the ICU team. After I was stable enough to transport, I was moved to Georgia where coils were used to stop the bleeding.

After 6 weeks in the hospital and another 10 days in rehab, I was able to return home with a walker. I can now walk normally. The headaches have stopped but I do notice that I tire very easily. I also have noticed that while I feel very normal and clear headed at home, I sometimes feel confused and unsteady when I am out in public. I have had 2 surgeries on my right eye to remove the blood and repair the retina (the last surgery required me to lie face down for 17 days!). Unfortunately, my retina is still has scar tissue that must be removed and there is a small hole in the macula. I hate having bad vision!

I really miss the old me and I am trying to get to know the new me and what that means. Sometimes that really gets me annoyed and depressed.

Thank you all for posting. It is encouraging for me to hear that others have gotten through what I am experiencing now.


Aiken, South Carolina

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