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My Little Girl Saved my life after a SAH


Hiya, my name is lynz and I suffered a SAH 3 years ago. Wow, what a day! To cut a very long story short my 4 year old daughter saved my life!

I collapsed and became unconscious, I was fitting also and being violently sick and well, it wasnt pretty. My husband was away working, so in steps my 4 year old, who completely took over. She looked after me and her 18 month old baby sister for 16 hours by herself.

She moved chairs to stop me hurting myself and didn't move me, which the surgeons think stemmed the bleed. She put her baby sister to bed, made chocolate sauce and ham butties for tea? She tried to call the paramedics and stayed with me all night, explaining to her little sister that mummy was asleep.

This all started at about 3:30 in the afternoon. I was found the next morning and rushed to hospital with meningitis? My family was told that I had a 5% chance of surviving it and to say goodbye, but hey 3 years on and some coils and here I am writing this and my beautiful angel is blissfully asleep in bed, unaware that she's a hero!

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