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My SAH - Andy P


Well-how do I start?

I was 45 and I had an SAH after making love..yep…how embarrassing is that?

It was a sunday in nov 2004 and I had the worst headache ever.

My wife thought I was joking..I am a bit of a joker!

Called the GP and told to take neurofen..then when she left me to go to the chemists I got worse-I was sick without realising it and within a few hours i had lost my marbles!

My daughter was so shocked to see me go out to the Ambulance..and that is my first real memory on the ward in Southampton…a card my daughter drew of an ambulance..and i then knew something serious had happened!

I had 2 negative angios which left me with a questionmark over my life.

I am 20 months on and physically good ..but emotionally it is still an issue.

I see a greater purpose in all this ..and had several weird experiences which were more than coincidence.

Strangely I wouldn’t turn the clock back because it showed me many areas of my life that were in need of change.

I learned that people and family are important..life is indeed precious..and that we have no real control over anything.

Live for the moment..make your life count and try to make a difference…

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