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My SAH Story by hazel



Let me thank you all for a forum which I have just discovered but has made me feel a lot better to read stories so close to my own experience.

On January 23rd 2011 I suffered a SAH whilst at work. It came on as a headache at the back of my head which suddenly became the worst pain in my head that can only be described as my head was about to explode.

My husband works with me part time so I told him to call an ambulance, being a person who has to be forced to go to the doctor my husband new there was something serious and called them straight away.

I had passed out at that point and according to my husband as he was told by the emergency services what to do I had stopped breathing, he kept shouting my name and I could here him as if he was a long distace off, he said I took a long deep breath and then I came too.

When the ambulance arrived they tried to talk to me and get details, At that point I was sick.

I was walked to the ambulance and taken to A&E at Tameside hospital and given Paracetamol for the pain.

I was then left for 4.5 hours before being sent for a scan. My husband was then told to get all next of kin to the hopital as I would probably die as I had suffered a big stroke. At that point my husband passed out with shock.

I was transferred to Hope hopital (Salford Royal) where I recieved the best treatment you could get in the world. I had a coiling the following day and was out of there after 10 days.

On the 9th of March I had to go for a check up and my specialist was suprised how well I looked.

Being one who like to keep active I asked about going back to work which he said I could but part time. This is where my problem starts.

I am the stewardess of a social club and eveyone tells me to take it easy and not do to much.

my husband has been covering my shifts as well as working a further 8 hours a day at his full time job.

I get tired quickly but also get bored easily and feel like I should be doing more. This has stared to depress me and I am feeling low and have found that people are annoying me by telling starting to tell me not to do to much to quick after such an operation. I know they are probably right but I am not the type of person who sits back and feels sorry for myself.

Sorry for the length of this story but has anybody else gone through the same feelings and how do I cope with this? I can't wait to get back to full time work.

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