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My Story - Maggie


Hello Everyone,

Everybody has a story to tell, don’t they.

My “headache started last November. I got up as usual, even had the day off work. Had to move my car as we lived near a school and I was parked in the wrong place. It was a frosty morning as I remember. Came back in the house when suddenly it felt like my head was exploding. The pain was so intense, I had to hold it. I stupidly though it would pass. Took some paracetamols and had some brekkie. The pain eased a little.

My partner and I were going to my daughters in Luton. By the time we drove there, the pain was coming back. Was sick, and couldn’t get rid of the pain. My daughter insisted we go to my doctors. He said I had gastric flu and was sent home. The pain went on day and night. I saw many doctors, even went to casualty where they said I didn’t tick the right boxes for an MRI scan.

Eventually, the last doctor I saw, was amazed that I still had the “headache after ten days and got me into hospital.

I was then transferred to the Royal Free Hospital in London where I spent the next two and a half weeks waiting for them to coil my aneurysm, beacause it had gone into spasm.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be here, and to see my eldest daugher Mandy get married in June this year.

I went back to work part time in April this year and am now full time again, although I do still get very tired and am looking at going back to part time. I do worry what the future holds for me, like will it come back, but I try and stay positive. I am looking forward to my first granchild next year and this keeps me going. I want to see her/him grow up.

Thanks for reading my story. I know alot of you out there are not as lucky as me.

Keep well everyone. Will visit the site on a regular basis


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