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My story


Hi everyone,  Sorry I’m not much expert in English it’s my second language. 

I’m Rajdeep Kaur. I’m from India, but moved Australia in 2009. I’m 38 years old mom, have two daughters one 8 years, and younger one 10months old. 

in January 2020 , I visited to India to meet my parents after 6 years. After 20 days my life changed . I was healthy never had problems like headache. One day I was dressing my younger daughter, suddenly I felt explode in my head. 


First I wanted to ignored then again unbearable. I cried , my parents rushed me to near hospital ( in India not good systems) , doctor sent us for ct scan then sent for mri , wasted one day then referred to other city.


Again new neurosurgeon repeat tests and did angio gram . Finally they SAH premedullary cistern and tense ventricles. My parents have not much knowledge, next day I woke up with VP shunt.


Spent 2 weeks in hospital and my husband also came in India from Australia. ATM still we are in India because of COVID. 

Now headache gone , but still feeling weakness in extremities. Most of time feeling sad and depressed. I asked from neurosurgeon about removal of vp shunt, he said he can remove anytime. None of test repeat again.


My husband decided that I should start treatment from Australia. Again apologies for not good in English. 
Please share your experience..... 

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