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Painter - Lynn's Story


In Jan of this year I was diagnosed with four(!) cerebral aneurysms, one of which was 10mm on my right mca, one 3mm right next to it and one 5mm on the left mca and one 2mm at basilar tip. My neurosurgeon wanted to operate straight away on the 10mm and the 3mm because they were right next to each other, so I was booked in in July for a craniotomy, as the big one was the wrong shape to coil and because I am only 51 and was fairly fit and active, the predicted outcome was very favourable.

Unfortunately, I suffered a stroke during the operation, which affected my left arm and leg,but after some intensive neuro rehab I am walking again and hope to get my left arm going enough, to ride my horses again! I am very much aware of how lucky I have been, as my memory is intact and my speech is only slightly affected and I am on the long arduous road to recovery.

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