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SAH 5th Nov - What a Big Surprise! by ajanef


Hi my name is Amanda, I had a non explained SAH on the 5th of Nov, I had been feeling a little off and quiet dizzy for a few days and as I suffer low blood pressure put it down to this.

After being at work for a few hours I went out to grab myself some lunch from the local super market, whilst checking out at the self service section I felt what seemed to be a shift in visuality, like I had just been spun around somewhat. I thought too myself that didn't feel very nice and continued to check out.

I continued to walk down the street and got around 30 mtrs down the road when I heard a popping noise followed by what I could only explain as feeling like I was king hit in the back of head, I thought that perhaps I had put my neck out as the pain in my neck was beyond intense. I broke out in a sweat and felt extremely sick and wanted to lay down in three gutter.

It took all my focus to get back to work as the Pain was now blinding, i wanted to vomit and cry, but was so confused about the Pain as I have never had such a headache before and wondered if I was having what others complain of a headache or migraine.

I was under extreme stress at the time of the SAH and just put it down to that. My employer asked if I would like them to drive me home, as confused as I was I said I would think about it for a second and see if I could manage my pain levels.

I decided to ask them to take me to the hospital as the Pain was so intense I had trouble opening my eyes, I spent the next two Weeks in icu, and a further week in the ward.

I got out yesterday, I am very fortunate, as I have no real deficits, a little numb on one foot, and a mind like a siv, I can't remember names, dates, numbers or what I had to haha east the day before. Although sometimes I feel this may work in my favour haha. Although I see this as a gift to open my eyes to the joy of life and the simple things, I have come out with massive anxiety. And an inability to sleep. I took some gabba and 5htp last night and it seemed to help. Just wondering of anyone else has experienced this and what they did to find helpful.

Reading other peoples posts helped last Night to know I am not alone.

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