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Stu Gaines' SAH Story


Hi people I'm 41 yrs old, just want to share a short story of my SAH.

I was having a workout at home not really heavy weights or pushing myself to hard, when I suffered a wickedly bad headache. I dropped to my knees & started vomiting. I managed to crawl to my toilet & was vomiting for at least 5 minutes. i managed to get to my bedroom, where i stripped & just got into bed, my girlfriend came round & sat with me whilst i kept being sick, we both thought i had picked up a bug, to cut a long story short, i stayed at home thinking i would get better, 9 days later & 2 stone lighter my girlfriend made me go to the doctors.

i explained my symptoms to him & he wanted to get me to a emergency medical unit in Dorchester Dorset, but my girlfriend took me instead, they admitted me & cat scanned me, but didnt find anything so i had a lumbar puncture, which is when they told me i had a brain bleed, that emotionally destroyed me, all i could think about is how to tell my two children, i waited in dorchester emu for 5 days for a bed to be available in southampton general.

I was taken in & had a few different scans, i was told i had a SAH & they gave me two options clipping or coiling, i had the coiling, i have recovered really well, i was in both hospitals for a maximum of 10 days, i was back to work in 2 months on a phased return, i don't think i have any ill effects from my SAH, & i've asked family & friends if they have noticed any change in my personality, nobody has noticed any change, or they are just being polite..

This all happened to me on 10th of may 2011, i'm back in work full time & i don't have any check ups till 2014, anyway that's my story, if anyone has any questions feel free to email me, if i can help you with anything i will.

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