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Thank You! by ann_calgary


First of all, thank you for putting up this site. I have been lurking since December and I finally decided to join the group and share my story.

I am 31 years old and I suffered an aneurysm last December 10, 2010. I am no health buff but I would say I am pretty healthy. I do not smoke and I do not have hypertension. It was very shocking to say the least. It was a normal busy day for me. My husband and I went grocery shopping after work and then went home. He had a cold so I volunteered to shovel our walk while he brought our groceries from the car to the house. Then it just hit me the worst headache of my life. It hit me at the back of my head with pain down my neck. I screamed calling my husband for help. Due to the intense pain I sat down the sidewalk. He dragged me inside the house. I was very scared and was screaming and crying in pain. He called 911 and I was brought to the nearest hospital. My memory ended there with me throwing up. They had to transfer me to another hospital where the neurosurgery department is.

I woke up at the hospital not knowing what happened after that evening. Friends came pouring in that the nurses had to "ban" visitors for the first few days. We emigrated to Canada so we have more friends than family. My husband would patiently tell me what happened that evening and after that. My aneurysm was coiled. I suffered no neurological damage. I did not really fully understood what happened until 2 weeks after I was being discharged. I liked the hospital. The nurses were very nice. I felt that as long as I was at the hospital I was safe. I felt sheltered. I felt I did not have to deal with anything as long as I was there.

The challenge was when we got home. The vasospasms were so intense.

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