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Hello everyone. I am so relieved to have found this website support group and reassured by many of your articles relating your experiences post your own SH. I must admit I was developing a bit of an " is it me syndrome " I had my personal SH on the 3rd January 2011 and received excellent care from everyone at the Walsgrave hospital in Coventry. I was discharged into the care of my girlfriend on the 8th January 2011 with what seems to be the usual assurances that a recurrence of my SH was extremely unlikely. Since then i have returned to Walsgrave for a further MRI scan and I am due to meet with my consultant this thursday ( 17th March 2011 ) for a discussion on the long term prognosis.

As I like to think of myself as a rather robust character I have tried to confront a number of the challenges that I see as signposts that I am recovering not the least of which was my first night back in my own home on my own. I am not too proud to admit it scared the life out of me and that since then I have experienced many sensations such as fuzziness, dizzyness and the headaches which have frightened me. It is simply the not knowing - is this normal for someone recovering from a SH ? Should I be worried and racing back to A & E ? I assume as no one rang me following the last MRI scan to say you had better get back in here a.s.a.p that the medics regard everything as ok so I am a little more reassured.

It is great to know there is somewhere I can go to share my experiences with


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