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  1. Thanks Macca and I’m very happy for you. I wish this happened at a later age for me but at 39 and now 44 I am forced to work. I have a kid and college will happen for him in just 9 years from now. Also- I am looking at working another 20 years before I have money to retire.


    I have been slowly reintegrating and have had time to appreciate the non work aspects of life and I am grateful for that time. I truly appreciate hearing about your story! Thank you so very much! Keep on enjoying that beautiful gift. Margaret 

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  2. Thanks for your response Clare. I work 8 hour shifts at this point. I have done 10-12 hours and do feel tired- who wouldn’t? Yet I typically have days off after so I don’t really know what it would be like consecutively.  Most of the time I would be 8 hour days but with call you just never know. I am in a highly specialized concentration so I can’t just do something else within it.


    I’m 44 years old with lots of ambition. I’m at a crossroad it seems. I can’t tell if my fears are substantiated due to limitations or if I’m just plain scared. Tricky tricky! Thanks again for your response. I greatly appreciate it. 

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  3. Hi everybody. I have reached out to a couple of you regarding work and recovery from nsah.


    I am 5 years out and would really like to renter the workforce as a health professional because I love it and feel like it’s either time to try or change it up. I need to work for financial purposes.


     My job requires call and at times long hours and I’m really frightened in some ways to go back. Yet, I am also really excited about it and hope it’s not too much. I have been doing it part time then per diem since the event.


    My question is does anybody work full time in the health profession anymore after a nsah? Am I fooling myself or is this possible? Of course, I know it’s per individual but I’d love to hear an inspiring story if there is one- or just the truth! Thank you so very much! 

  4. Thank you both for your responses. I'm very grateful. I had a small undetectable bleed. I have gotten checked out by my pcp. I have been ruled out for a lot of things. I am going to go see an integrative dr next. Nobody knows why I have these symptoms. Some are new...ie...raynauds. Some have been present since injury i.e...cognitive. I will continue my quest for answers. I took a break b/c I got tired of the lack of answers. The exercise intolerance is enough to drive my quest. Thanks again for responding. 

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  5. Thanks for your response. My injury was 3.5 years ago. My work has been quite understanding even though the focus is on cardiac surgical patients. I went back very slowly over a year and made it to part time but never felt well. Over time, I have decreased to per diem and work once or twice per week. I do get discouraged because I love my career. honestly though, I just don't feel well. I worry there's something more wrong with me than the event. I have made incredible advances and I acknowledge that work. I am in my early forties and realize I have a lot of work ahead of me. I know these struggles are what it's all about. 

  6. I have been following this site on and off since the injury. Posted just once, I believe. I had my event in November 2014 and I feel like my symptoms have changed over time. My life is busy with a beautiful child and husband. I have an intense career- which I love but feel I can't do FT due to my health symptoms. These are my complaints: fatigue, headache, new food sensitivities, irritability, anxiety and an inability to exercise hard. My question is really in regards to the last problem. I can't exert in exercise. When I do I am feel very sick and dizzy.


    Does anyone else have this problem after being out so long? I also just really never feel well over all. I sound like a downer but honestly, I am not. I have learned so much from this incident and I am grateful for that life education. Still, I'd like to simply feel ok once in a while. At any rate, any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  7. I am glad to read that it's not just me but sad for all of us that suffer from the insomnia. My dr put me on ativan- the smallest amount prescribed and it does work. I have never taken any medication for anxiety or depression. I am petrified of how the brain can become used to meds. I started work and am out for 2 more weeks again while I battle some vertigo at neuro rehab. I need the ativan to sleep now and probably will need it when I return to work.

    That means a month on the med every night? That truly scares me. But I have to sleep. I have to wake at 6.30 and take care of my child or wake and go take care of my patients at the hospital. Is this normal? Should I just keep taking it? I am only 3 months out and this is Definitely the hardest time for me thus far. I know in my heart it will get better but I need to sleep for that to happen.

  8. Elizabeth47 I feel as if our lives are running in parallel. I suffered from a peri mesencephalic hemorrhage in nov 2014 with unknown etiology . I also had a lot of stress before that was out of the ordinary. My work got exceedingly busy and just added to it. I am now starting back to work part time but I wonder how I am going to finish each day. I am exhausted and I have vertigo. I am a perfusionist- your husband will know what that is and my job is also very demanding. I am looking to maybe reduce some more but need to keep hrs to maintain insurance.


    I also have a 4 year old that I am desperately trying to keep up with. It's really tough right now but I dont want to give up my job. I love what I do and I am good at it. I am so sympathetic to your story and I hope he feels better soon. I understand the struggles and it's really frustrating. I was a superwoman before. Life has forced us to slow down and maybe pay attention before we missed it entirely. I am not appreciative of this gift right now, though. I am currently just frustrated at my limitations.

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