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Sources of support

  • What support is available to help you with your recovery?

Sources of support

Subarachnoid haemorrhage is a serious illness and can leave you feeling isolated. Any concerns about your illness should be discussed with your doctor or with the hospital where you were treated. Most hospitals have specialist teams who can advise and support you.


Attending a support group or joining an online support group where you can communicate with fellow sufferers can be very beneficial. Sharing experiences can help you feel less isolated and can help you to come to terms with what has happened.


Support from family and friends is very important and can help with your recovery. It’s sometimes difficult for those who are close to you to understand what you have been through and how you are feeling. Try to help them too by showing them this website or some of the booklets from the links below.


Joan from London says:



Everyone rallied round and remained caring and concerned for my welfare. But of course, the bedrock of my life, Robert, has helped me come to terms with all that has happened and were it not for his dear love I don't know what would have happened. I sometimes think that I don't appreciate how traumatic it was for him to contemplate losing me, or imaging a future very different to what worked out.



Vic from Frimley says:

ImageI have been with my partner for 14 years and he was and still is a great support. He has also had to change his life somewhat and accept my new foibles! Which he seems to have done pretty effortlessly! I'm sure there will be hard times ahead for the both of us and decisions to make but I couldn't have got this far without him. Our friends and our parents have been a great support also for us both


Karen from Dorset says:



I have found this website to have been a Godsend. I really feel that you need to be able to talk to fellow sufferers and share experiences. When I have had down days, there's always been somebody to share it with and vice-versa, there's always somebody worse off than you.



Sami from Nottinghamshire says:



If it wasn't for talking to people in the same situation as me here at behindthegray, then I doubt very much that my recovery would have been as good as it has been.My close family and friends have been a huge support and helped me through the most difficult times. My husband has been an absolute star. He may not be able to know or understand how this feels but he has always been there for me with kind words, strong arms and plenty of tissues.


Keith from Hampshire says:



My wife and two sons were all very supportive, although it was difficult for my boys to understand what I was going through – my youngest is only eight! It was a great relief to find this site and to talk to others who understand exactly how I was feeling. It's understandably difficult for others who haven't been through this to comprehend how you feel and it helps a great deal to talk to others sufferers who have been through the same thing.



Further Information

The following booklets are available from the Brain and Spine Foundation:


Subarachnoid Haemorrhage  



Recovering from a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage 





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