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It can be a long journey


Suffered my haemorrhage in June 2004, treated with coil embolisation (11 coils) at King’s Collage Hospital, London. Over the following years had another four embolisation (23 coils) plus A stent. Took about five years to get anywhere near back to my old self, my wife doesn’t agree that I’m close to the man I was. Still get tired easily especially when taking on anything that requires intense concentration.


Consider myself extremely fortunate as I’ve seen sufferers that have been left with severe morbidity, so if you’re anywhere near the person you where before your event consider that a plus and make the most of what you have. The worst thing you can ask is “why me”. 

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Hello Alec. Yes, recovery is a process and it takes time. I am glad to read the progress you have made even if not completely back to your old self. I don't know if we ever get that back completely. Part of recovery for me is accepting a "new normal" and continuing to grow and learn.


Things are not as they used to be. I think I am more prone to mood swings and irritability. I still get tired easily and have to take naps. But, life is good. I appreciate family and friends who take time to connect with me and are patient with the challenges I continue to encounter.

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