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  1. Thank you for the cheers! I appreciate each of my BTG friends ~ and wouldn’t have made it through some of those most difficult days (and there still are “those” kind of days at times) without this network of support. Blessing to all of you. ~ Kathy (Colorado)
  2. March 6 is the day. It feels like a lifetime ago (so many changes) and yet, also only like it happened yesterday. I am just now starting to adjust to the "new normal" and taking more command over my emotions. My faith has kept me hopeful. I am thankful for my family, friends and BTG folks who have surrounded me with prayers, support and love ~ and patience. It's been a difficult recovery. I think more so because during this time I lost my mother while I was still in the hospital (April 2018), my father this past November 2019 and my aunt (mother's sister) just on February 15, 2020 ~ she was a second mom to us. But, a new little grand-daughter was born April 8, 2019. I am so glad to be here to celebrate her upcoming first birthday! We have four grown adult children and spouses and have four wonderful grandsons as well 10, 8 and twins 7. Now at 62, my husband and I are raising our adopted 2 special needs children 10 and 17. This keeps me insanely busy. The oldest joined our family just 6 months before my event! After my SAH, I retired early from part-time teaching. I miss being a teacher : ( I have appreciated EVERYONE of you who have written about your lives, joys and frustrations and EVERYONE who has responded ~ it encourages so many readers ~ like me! My heart is full of gratitude, Kathy [Thank you Karen and team for keeping this website going]
  3. My dear, I understand. I was in the hospital during my birthday with the initial SAH and then the following year with severe vertigo and vomiting. I was so worried and frustrated. Everything checked out okay. After a similar episode, they sent me to an ENT. They diagnosed it “vestibular migraines”. But, like you ~ I have been a bit low lately. Unfortunately, this can be an outcome of the SAH. It is good that you are getting counseling. And, it helps to vent and hear from others. I might guess you are an over-achiever like myself. You don’t feel validated or given affirmation without “doing” ~ and, now it is your place to be cared for and fatigue keeps you from accomplishing all that you used to do. Please know that you do matter to your family and you are valued ~ look how far you have come. This community is here any time to listen ~ some days you’ll need to check in frequently and some days just knowing there are others walking the path you are on is helpful. It takes time to adjust and find your new pace. My vision also has been on and off (double at time of SAH event ~ I also had hydrocephalus ~ but now resolved) but I notice if I have too much media / computer time or strain it does get quite blurry. Then, I just have to rest them and I use lubricating eye-drops. Win has taught me to sing a bit when feeling very low. I am not a good singer and so that helps even more! I send my love and prayers. Kathy ~ Colorado, USA
  4. Hello Sallios, Yes, I had really bad balance problems initially. I had to use a walker and then a cane as I improved. I had about 3 months specialized PT and that helped. Learned some tricks to help ~ like focus on one point while turning and then focus on another point to complete turn (don’t move head to follow turn). At 20 months post SAH I don’t use a cane, but have some odd days when my balance is a bit off. I usually have to slow down or hold on to my husband’s arm. Now, I also get some dizzy spells (nausea and vomiting) and headaches ~ different than being off balance. They told me probably vestibular migraines. I think stress and change in barometric pressure contribute.
  5. Thank you dear Win. I had another painful episode last night (back lower left head and jugular) and dizzy, but it subsided in about 30 minutes. I had to sit down. I worry the doctors are missing something ~ clots moving or increased blood pressure on a thin wall or small TIA (have no idea) ~ probably worthless to speculate. We are having another cold front move in. Concerning~ but we can’t live in fear. Thank you for good wishes for my dad. He is holding steady though weak. Thank you for your kindness.
  6. Welcome to the site Jo-Anne. I find it very helpful to read the posts. I think the older we are at our SAH event ~ the more problems show up (that’s just my opinion). Maybe it just takes these older body / brain parts longer to mend. I am glad you wrote in and I know you will find a supportive and understanding group of fine people to interact with and who will encourage you. Yes, the headaches are a bummer. Drink plenty of water and take naps. Blessings. Kathy
  7. Hello, I just wanted to thank you for responding to my post and to give an update (somewhat delayed). I ended up going to the ER (at the insistence of my younger daughter ~ a nurse). We had already met our deductible so that helped. They did MRI and MRV and found no changes. So, they sent me to ENT and that doctor gave me medication for dizzy spells and told me most likely vestibular migraines. My primary care physician also adjusted my blood pressure medication (had been lowered, now back up 1/2 tablet). I am feeling better. I am reminded that I need to rest more. My father has been in the hospital for 2 weeks (twisted bowel) ~ had surgery but aspirated fecal matter and on ventilator and IV antibiotics. Two of my sisters are with him (Texas) and we as a family had previously made plans to visit mid December (so no plans to go right now). The doctors give him 50/50 chance of survival, but he is making small improvements daily. He is conscious and able to squeeze my sister's hand in response to her. Thanks again for the support.
  8. Hello Sunflower 25 I am so sorry for the on-going worry ~ especially with 2 small children. I am 20 months post SAH and older (62) but have 2 special needs children we are raising ~ after raising 4 children to adulthood and now have 5 grandchildren. The most important for me (and I would guess for you also) is to get in that afternoon nap. If you can make arrangements for someone to watch the kids every day while you nap (2 hours time), that would be great. It would also be a daily "check-in" to give you some peace of mind. DON'T do housework or laundry during this time (I would be tempted to) but just rest / sleep if you can. I had to rest / sleep with my head elevated for several months (used wedge pillow) to help alleviate headaches. Yes, and as others mentioned, stay hydrated. If you do have questions, call your follow-up neurologist (or staff nurse). My vision improved with time and the headaches were manageable. I have problems with short term memory, fatigue and difficulty processing information as the top three. It takes time to adjust to the "new normal" but it will come. Meanwhile, seek assistance at this time and don't be embarrassed to ask for help. You may want to reach out to some volunteer / church organizations to see what assistance they can offer. We were able to get meals from the local school moms and our church. Check if there is a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program near you if you live in the USA. Self-care and positive mental health are key to getting through this season of your life. Remember, others may not understand (you look good), but don't let that deter you from getting some help during your recovery. Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. Kathy
  9. It has been a few months since your post, but I just came back to Behind the Gray today (almost 20 months post SAH) and appreciate your open rant. It helped me to see your transparency and to read the encouraging replies. I hope you are feeling better and thanks for being here. It does matter. Hugs, Kathy
  10. Hello friends, It has been awhile since I have checked in (from Colorado, USA). I missed my one year anniversary SAH on March 6, 2018 ~ and, was actually back in the hospital on March 31, 2019 (second year in the hospital on my birthday) with severe vertigo and vomiting. They took images and determined not related to SAH or other brain issue, which I developed post SAH mid June ~ (intracranial left transverse and sigmoid sinus thrombosis ~ clots stable). I was released and everything seemed resolved. Now, October 28, 2019 having dizzy spells for the last 4-5 days with dull headaches and vision problems. But, seem to resolve after time. Today, more intense and lasting longer (4 hours now). Blood pressure elevated. I googled SAH and dizzy and was connected to a thread on this site (2007). It seems it is a possible / common post SAH experience. Any more recent updates on how to cope or drug / therapy treatments? I had to have a neighbor drive the kids to school today. We do have a sudden change in weather ~ cold and snowy. Someone mentioned dizzy spells increase with barometric pressure changes (?). Any thoughts? Also, it seems I am having more problems with memory loss / confusion and depression (tried 3 different meds but had adverse side effects). I never returned to work - teacher (age 62) but, we are raising 2 special needs children boy 9 (autism & ADHD) and girl 17 (joined our family 8 months before SAH ~ intellectual disability & autism). So, I am very busy and do have heightened stress, especially as my husband travels a lot with his job. We have four grown children and five grandchildren. My mother passed away a couple months after my SAH. In some ways I feel like I’ve been just pushing onward out of necessity and now am going through a grieving process as I am adjusting to loss and my ‘new normal’ with ongoing fatigue, depression and a short temper. Thanks for listening.
  11. Hi Annie, I am also a Newbie (6 months post SAH). And, I am a grandma. I know what you mean about the constant feeling of tiredness and wanting to play with grandchildren. It is funny ~ but now my grandsons know that if I come over I usually end up on the couch for a quick nap. One or two will usually join me for part of the time (twins 6, another 7 and oldest 8 ~ all boys). Like Super Mario ~ I have learned to focus on a fixed point and turn my head slowly to another fixed point (learned this in PT) ~ it does help. Again, the "no energy" thing is a bummer. I am the old lady you see reclining on a park bench while the grandsons play (UGH). I'm not embarrassed anymore. When fatigue hits ~ I have to lie down and rest. Best to you. Kathy
  12. Hello Trish, I am sorry for your difficulties. I did not have a shunt or seizure, but in the hospital I had double vision (now 6 months out it has resolved). I have had a feeling of eye discomfort and always dry eyes since the SAH event. My vision did not seem as good, either. And, it does seem worse with cold or sinus issues. I recently went to the eye doctor and he said I have the beginning stages of glaucoma in my left eye. I have a follow up appointment. So, good that you are getting it checked out. I am 61 years old. Family history of glaucoma. I have a personal opinion that when we have gone through a traumatic medical event ~ it seems to "kick in" all our pre-determined genetic health problems as well. I have had more health issues since my SAH that are "un-related" ~ so the doctors say. Take care. Kathy
  13. Hope you had the energy to go out. Glad you have the year behind you and are pressing onward. ~ Kathy
  14. Thank you Karen ~ from a Newbie. I am still reading many posts and just getting to know a few people on this site. Glad to discover your role in getting this site started. So lovely to read your words of encouragement and see your picture. Glad you had the perfect day! ~Kathy
  15. Hello Weedra. I had my SAH at 6:30 pm. I can't imagine ~ were you asleep when your event happened? Oh my goodness. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary and continue to enjoy each day forward.
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