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  1. Welcome. I am from the States, so emergency medical serivce may be different ~ but, with covid there are changes. I am so sorry you were alone through the onset of your medical emergency ~ it always helps to have someone there to advocate for a person and be a source of support. Glad you have been released and now in recovery. Don't be too hard on yourself. It is most important to let your brain "rest" and drink lots of water. Follow dischange instructions. It takes awhile to return to a regular routine, and for some of us we cannot return at the pace we had
  2. Okay, this is a late post to my third year post SAH anniversary. Hurray. It was actually on March 6 and now it is (let me look at a calendar) March 17th (a pinch to all not wearing green). Our youngest two adopted children (we also have four adult children) are on Spring Break from school ~ not so spring weather-wise. We had a BIG snow blizzard a couple days ago. Lots and lots of shoveling. My eleven year old was upset that we didn't get to travel again (usually we travel over school breaks) and so my husband took him to a nearby hotel with a heated pool to celebrate. That worked.
  3. Hello Daff ~ happy 9th post SAH anniversary. I read your blog. Now, I know why Daff (at least, the poem suggests). WOW. It is something when you don't check in regularly on BTG and then when you do ~ everything you "catch up" reading speaks right to you! A "divine appointment" sort of thing. I have struggled on and off since my SAH and at times don't like the "new me" in the "new normal" BUT your blog hit a chord. I am a type A personality and control freak. Not that I didn't already know it, but I didn't connect how much it is interfering with my post SAH progress. I am a person o
  4. Belated hugs on six years post SAH, Claire. Well, I am impressed that you are running again. That makes me want to get up and at least walk more. : ) In the States we have a saying about your first year of college ~ and, gaining 15 pounds. Well, my first year of COVID has been like that. I have gained several pounds.Okay, so I need to just get out and put on foot in front of the other ~ right? I hope you had a good run. I like how you say "it is different" ~ it is so true for me and I am still learning that it is good. Thanks for your encouragement. Kathy (Colora
  5. Belated congrats on your 17 years post SAH. Funny how I feel I know so many of you in such a short time and we have never met. Thanks for your posts and encouragement. Yes, I am looking forward to more opportunities opening up for travel. Although, our family has enjoyed more of just being outdoors around our home area. Well, not in the last few days as we had a record snow blizzard! Love to you, Kathy (Colorado)
  6. I had a headache in the back of my head for almost 3 years post SAH. The neurologist always dismissed it and said it was expected (something about agitation from the residual blood). Long story, but my oncologist recently suggest physical therapy (PT) for the pain. She wrote a prescription. I was doubtful but decided to give it a try. My pain felt like a tight stretched band across the back of my head. After PT sessions twice a week for about 8 weeks ~ I actually had relief. I was amazed! The exercises and neck and spine manipulations really did help. I am just throwing this out a
  7. Sorry for the delay, but Yippee ~ it is over! I hope that during the rest of your day you were able to relax. I also was given the choice to listen to music or have ear plugs during several MRIs ~ the music never was loud enough. So, I always ask for ear plugs now and it does help. You did well. 👍 Kathy
  8. I am just reading about dear Macca. My deepest condolences to his wife and family. His words were always so kind and encouraging. His words certainly brought strength to me on my SAH journey. Hugs to all the lives he touched. Kathy (Colorado)
  9. Yes, I never thought I was claustrophobic until I had my first MRI (before my SAH). I freaked out. I pressed the button and yelled “Get me out now!” They did. I told the technician that it felt like I was being buried. He sorta smiled and told me to look through to see that it was open at the other end. I felt very embarrassed, but he assured me that it was a common feeling. He was very helpful. He asked me what was my biggest fear. I said ~ that I wouldn’t get enough oxygen. He said, okay we can help with that fear. Then, he brought oxygen tubing and positioned it right near on my
  10. Hello Alec. Yes, recovery is a process and it takes time. I am glad to read the progress you have made even if not completely back to your old self. I don't know if we ever get that back completely. Part of recovery for me is accepting a "new normal" and continuing to grow and learn. Things are not as they used to be. I think I am more prone to mood swings and irritability. I still get tired easily and have to take naps. But, life is good. I appreciate family and friends who take time to connect with me and are patient with the challenges I continue to encounter.
  11. Thanks for posting. I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, a sad but beautiful love story. It looks like your children are a great support. Continue strong in your recovery. Best wishes. Kathy
  12. Congrats on the post SAH five year mark. Good to hear your honest summary. I also find my experience a balance of gratitude and learning to accept a new normal. I am more irritable lately, but I think isolation during safer at home restrictions may be contributing to my moodiness. Yes, I agree that SAH brought lessons on empathy and compassion. Best wishes in your new career. ❤️ Kathy
  13. Thank you for the cheers! I appreciate each of my BTG friends ~ and wouldn’t have made it through some of those most difficult days (and there still are “those” kind of days at times) without this network of support. Blessing to all of you. ~ Kathy (Colorado)
  14. March 6 is the day. It feels like a lifetime ago (so many changes) and yet, also only like it happened yesterday. I am just now starting to adjust to the "new normal" and taking more command over my emotions. My faith has kept me hopeful. I am thankful for my family, friends and BTG folks who have surrounded me with prayers, support and love ~ and patience. It's been a difficult recovery. I think more so because during this time I lost my mother while I was still in the hospital (April 2018), my father this past November 2019 and my aunt (mother's sister) just on February 15, 2020
  15. My dear, I understand. I was in the hospital during my birthday with the initial SAH and then the following year with severe vertigo and vomiting. I was so worried and frustrated. Everything checked out okay. After a similar episode, they sent me to an ENT. They diagnosed it “vestibular migraines”. But, like you ~ I have been a bit low lately. Unfortunately, this can be an outcome of the SAH. It is good that you are getting counseling. And, it helps to vent and hear from others. I might guess you are an over-achiever like myself. You don’t feel validated or given affirmation witho
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