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My Hello from Chippie


Hello all

Meet Chippie a 73-year male pain in the backside from East Anglia UK. Why a pain in the backside I do not meekly accept what the medic’s tell me and they hate questions, or my doing what they say my condition will not allow.

I wish I had found this site earlier as it would have relieved a lot of my initial anxiety and concerns; This site has given more support in the short time of finding it then any medical establishment I am grateful to find this site.

Brief resume’

July 2019 suspected TIA

30th November 2019 day one as per the norm thunderclap headache, sweating, vomiting. To A&E CT scan clear being prepared for discharge 6 hours later conclusion “Migraine”  . Further bout of symptoms accompanied by loss of speech admitted to a ward, late PM

Day two discharged 08.00 hrs Migraine

Day 6 GP consultation; 999 to local hospital, CT scan clear, discharged Migraine

Day 20 self-referred by 999 to local Hospital, CT scan clear prepped for discharge Migraine; when a repeat of severe onset symptoms, admitted to ward.

Day 21 Lumber Puncture confirmed presence of blood products

Day 30 Blue light to Addenbrookes

Day 31 Coils and Stent inserted

Day 31 Takotsubo Heart attack

Day 35 due to covid I was discharged back to GP. No rehab or any other back up, not even a pamphlet.  I did not see, nor was I able to speak to any medical professional (Dysphasia, Aphasia Phone consultations only!!!!) for eight months. This was when anxiety reared its ugly head. I had no substantial interaction with GP at any time. Life saver was the Speech Therapist who first visited one year after the SAH. I am grateful to her as she informed the establishment departments to provide the assistance I should have received on Hospital discharge, also the local Volunteer support groups


Weak left side, dysphasia, some aphasia constant headache and constant fatigue. Pins and needles

Most important hard work is bringing improvement

For my family and I: a change of outlook, speech comedic on a very bad day. Exhausting on a reasonable day But every day we make a fun day  

This missive only took two hours in total (before correction totoal), One to write it, one to correct errors I do not count the time to think about it.

That’s the background I will write about the highs and the bigger highs later         

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Welcome Chippie

Seems like you've been through it, but retained your sense of humour and perspective. You'll find both these invaluable in the coming months and years.

The most difficult thing I've found (same age so might be relevant...) is not to beat yourself up when you have to scale back on what you would consider to be normal things because of exhaustion.

The very best of luck on your new journey, I look forward to your updates..

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