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  1. Hi John, sorry to hear about your problems but good news that you're recovering well. My own experience getting back my licence after voluntarily handing it in was a bit similar with delays and excuses. I think that in the main DLVA use external medical consultants and these meet only sporadically so decisions are a long time coming. I was relatively lucky only waiting for 3 months after re-applying for return of the licence and at the time I was getting quite annoyed. Looking back, I now believe that they were right to keep me waiting as although I don't think my driving is impair
  2. Please, please please be aware that being fit to drive medically can change instantly when fatigue is a constant companion. I have had times when I've driven somewhere but can't face the drive back because of the mental torture of dealing with everyday traffic. Sometimes it's good to push yourself through tiredness and fatigue, but not when you're behind a wheel. I'm sure you won't put yourself at risk after surviving SAH and being on the road to recovery. I think that you'll find at 65 weeks it all looks different from 65 days... Keep up the good work.
  3. Hi DD and thanks for the welcome. I was very lucky with the French health system, prompt action by the A&E guys to get me helicoptered to a specialist hospital and treated immediately saved my life. Sadly because my initial treatment was abroad and all my case notes are in French...I sort of fall down the gap with local specialists, although I have had some support from psychologists in the stroke unit. My main problem is with hearing difficulties as there seems to be conflicting advice about the proximity of magnetic fields, even those generated by standard behind
  4. Apologies for the inappropriate smileys.....I'm still learning my way around the forum.. 🙂
  5. I've just found this forum site and have spent the last couple of hours looking through some of your experiences. Nothing unusual in my story. We were on an extended tour of Europe in our motorhome and slowly making our way back from Albania, decided to go back via Brittany and just wombling up the Atlantic coast. A sudden headache, and stopping to get some sleep seemed the best bet. I woke up 2 months later, back home in Milton Keynes having spent the time recovering from the initial bleed, subsequent bacterial meningitis, then hydrocephalus and a VP shunt installatio
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