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diane rhedey

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    Central Coast, Australia SAH 19 March 2007
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    Bush Walking, Cycling, Lawn Bowls
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  1. Thank you Karen and Caroline for your response to my question re the shunt I will certainly fly with ease now, thanks to everyone and yes I will post a picture on my return. This is a great occasion for me My son although it is his second marriage is marrying a very nice lady who I knew very well when she was a young child, she used to be my daughters best friend at school and spent many a sleepover at my house many moons ago. I used to call her my second daughter back then and now she will be my daughter in law I couldn't be happier. Life is good, and we are all so lucky to be here to enjoy it. Take care everyone. lots of love from down under. Diane xxx
  2. Hi Perry, This is all good news to me, thank you for responding. Yes NZ is a lovely country I always look forward to going back. Diane
  3. Excellent news thank you Penny, I am so looking forward to the trip (it's to attend my son's wedding) I feel very confidant now and very grateful you responded so quickly. Thank you again Diane
  4. Hello Karen and all at BTG, It's been awhile I know but time moves pretty quickly these days, already I have just passed my 2nd yr anniversary and I am pleased to say I am doing so well. I keep looking in and reading all your news and I take my hat off to all of you that take the time to help others especially the newies going through this terrible thing. I have a question that I'd like some help with if you don't mind it's to do with my trip back home to NZ over Easter. I will be flying for the first time since my non anyeurism SAH and would like to know from others how they handle it. Scott, you may be able to help me here as you also have a shunt in place. Does the flying experience bother you at all or affect your balance etc. I look forward to any response you can give me on this. Thank you. Diane Rhedey
  5. Hi Shiree, So nice to hear back from you.. to answer your question I was living in Auckland but my family, my daughter and son with their children all live in Wanganui. My last visit home was in 2006 before SAH to tell you the truth I'm a bit nervous about flying but I will drum up the courage sometime soon, my daughter and her family did come over for a visit once I returned home from hospital and so did my son, we are in contact every day thanks to txt messaging. I came to Australia on a working holiday 19years ago during that time I met and married my husband George(my 2nd marriage) we then went to Auckland where he opened a NZ branch of the company he works for and we stayed there for 10 years then his company wanted him back in head office which is in Sydney and he drives back and forth everyday from the coast its mainly freeway so the traffic isn't too much of a problem. we both love it here I like the climate its much warmer, I don't handle the cold very well. As far as my health is I'm doing very well I started getting back into things that I was used to doing before SAH but it was too much and I had to take a good hard look at what I was asking of my body and make the necessary changes. I was a very fit keen bushwalker, cyclist, bowler and kayaker before this happened I think this played a major role in my survival, anyhow I thought (as you do) I was 10foot high and bulletproof when I left hospital and tried to go on as I had before but then I crashed it was too much too soon, now I'm learning to accept what I can do and feel satisfied with it, mind you I still have to have my rest days in between and at the moment I'm playing Lawn bowls twice a week and a bushwalk or cycle with my husband on a weekend (weather permitting) and neither of those involve long distance at this stage. I found this site BTG probably like you did in desperation searching for some sort of guidance and they have all been wonderful, I have also managed to get a copy of Jane Lapotaire TIME OUT OF MIND and A DENTED IMAGE Alison Wertheimer the latter especially I found very helpful in the way it described the way others were recovering after their SAH I think it put my mind at ease in the way others were experiencing much the same as I am. It was mainly fatigue that bothers us the most, how about you, how are you doing? I would be very interested in hearing your story, have posted it on the BTG website? I will give you my email address in case you would like to make contact. dianerhedey@yahoo.com.au please feel free to email me anytime my very best to you Diane
  6. Hi Shiree, Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. I am a kiwi living in Australia when I had my SAH 20th March 2007 I am very grateful to doctors and nursing staff here for the wonderful care and attention I received while in hospital but like you once I left that invironment there was absolutley nothing out there in the way of support so this site has been a such a godsend. I look forward to hearing more from you. Regards Diane
  7. Hi Karen, No Unfortunately there isn't anything over here that I can see and I have searched that was how I came upon your site, and thank goodness I did it can be such a lonely situation to be in when you first leave the hospital if I can help others the way you have helped and supported me, I will. lots of love Diane xxx
  8. Hi Karen, I thought I'd run this by your members to see how many Aussies out there have experienced a SAH and have found this wonderful site as helpful as I have, it really is a tremendous thing to be able to make contact with other survivors and receive so much information and help. I have just finished reading "A Dented Image" and found it to be a very good read. I live on the Central Coast NSW Australia and would dearly like to hear from any Australians or New Zealanders who have had this happen to them or their loved ones. Thanks Karen you are a real treasure. lots of love Diane
  9. Memory isn't the only thing that changed in my life I never had a sweet tooth in my life before this but now oh boy I have to have my peice of cake or sweet biscuit with my cuppa every day it's really strange has anyone else noticed this? Diane xxx
  10. Hi there, Yes your memory does improve over time but does tend to slip back when you get tired. I bought a Nintendo DS with the Brain game and found this to be an excellent tool for training the brain and helping with the memory problem. Concentration levels are another area affected by tiredness so it's best to listen to your body and take time out to rest and recharge the batteries. Have a great day everybody Regards Diane
  11. Gidday! Cyberhorse Mel, I am from the Central Coast NSW and 18months Post SAH. Like you I am very gratefull to Karen and the fabulous people on this site that take the time to share their experiences and offer so much support. it's nice to have another Aussie on the site. Take care. regards Diane
  12. Thank you Louise you have been most helpful. Have a great day. Diane xx
  13. Thanks Karen and everybody who replied re my querie regarding the shunt you have all been most helpful I have googled Australian sites and come up with two options the USB or Medic Alert so I will go ahead and order one or the other. I think I prefer the Medic Alert for the fact that it is recognised anywhere in the world. Anyhow thanks you have given me a starting point. I wish you and your families all the very best. Take care lots of love Diane xx
  14. Hello Marie, This is a fantastic site I'm so glad you found it I did and have received a lot of help and support, You will feel better, but it will take time. keep your chin up. All the best. lots of love Diane
  15. Hello all, I'ts me again and I'm not bragging this time I've had a little set back yes I did overdo it but luckily I got warning signals early and have slowed down the pace, it's funny that you feel so good you must be doing everything right, but no it's too early 1 year on I've got a lot to learn, I fully intend to get back on this horse but slower this time. Now what I'd like to ask is, if anyone here has experience with shunts and do they carry anything to identify that they have one? in case something goes wrong and you are unable to communicate at the time. Any help here I would be most grateful for, thanks. All the very best to you all. lots of love Diane xxx
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