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  1. Hi there Sorry I've not been on her for a while but I just wanted to update this thread and give anyone else going through insurance companies/claims some hope! It took 4 months of fighting, which to be honest I could of done without but I won - my trauma claim was eventually approved!! They wriggled and squirmed but thanks to my neurosurgeon, who ended up having to provide 3 reports to them, all stating the same thing they approved the claim! So to anyone else there who is fighting at the moment - keep fighting, dont take their first answer, don't let them get away with it. You pay your p
  2. Feeling angry, frustrated and fed up! Put in to claim on a trauma policy we have! SAH is under the stroke definition BUT they have denied me stating I didn't have neurological sequlae for > 24 hours!!! Insulted!! I may not of been in a coma or had issues with speech or paralysis but 5 months on I still have daily headaches and concentration issues making it impossible to work! How is this not having neurological sequalae for > 24 hours! Having glandular fever at the same time has complicated issues the insurance company has conveniently only picked up on parts of the medical report
  3. Hi Sue I am at a similar stage to yourself, my intial symptoms were 1st Feb, although I didn't get my NASAH diagnosed until the 8th Feb. As you it was only the LP that showed up the diagnosis, my CT scan was clear. I feel like I'm making things up sometimes, the CT was negative, so perhaps this is all a dream and I didn't really have a bleed.....although my CT was 8 days after prob NASAH I'm told they can be negative especially if small bleed. Then I think well if such a small bleed why am I still recovering - why aren't I back to normal as the neurosurgeon stated I would be. I can only rei
  4. Hi Thanks to you all for all your support! Feel better after a good sleep! I know I'm lucky to be where I am with my SAH, things could be a lot worse, and it's only metal at the end of the day and the important thing is I'm not injured! (and she did have insurance so all will get sorted eventually!) Sometimes things just seem to pile on top of me a bit - looking on the positive side of things again today....and things can only get better! GP on hol til end of June Rhiann so appt then! Thanks for letting me rant. Kate
  5. Hi all What a week - the only good point was finding this site! I've had enough of it all this week.....was getting fed up with the SAH and all its ongoing effects and lack of recovery (was coming to terms with these a bit more after reading through some of the posts on this site...) Then got kidney infection wednesday - which has really knocked me around, and set me back It was worrying because when my SAH got diagnosed I also had a UTI, my headache was worse than it has been for a while for a couple of days and I couldn't stop thinking about it.....although I know it was coincidental, it
  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and support! I am starting to feel more "normal" in my recovery now, I was starting to think there was something wrong with me with the medics telling me I'd had the best type of SAH to have and recovery should be complete, they were talking weeks....and now we're months down the line and recovery is far from complete.....its been a big help to read all your comments. I'm realising now I am only in the early stages of recovery....as much as I don't like to think of it that way and feel I should of been recovered weeks ago....I have to learn patience (not
  7. Hi guys.... Feeling fed up and searching for inspiration when I came across this site...just what I needed! Read through a few posts and felt instantly comforted knowing there are others out there going through or been through all this with similar symptoms and experiences...its not just me! So a little about me..... I'm 34 yrs old and suffered from a NASAH 1st Feb 2011. Totally out of the blue and out of character for me to be ill, I'm always (well was always) on the go, I can't sit still and do nothing... It started tues night whilst watching TV, felt a sudden headache come on, TV noise
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