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  1. Maggie, thanks so much for these caring thoughts - it means a lot to me.
  2. I am new here, and wonder if there has been any discussion around this topic. When I first had my SAH's, I had such intense battles with the people that I thought would be there for me. This ranged from my own aggression during hospitalization (fueled by meds I was on) + my caregivers' angry response, as well their own aggression and venting frustration upon me, inappropriately. Example: Boyfriend (a burned out caregiver himself for others) broke up with me in the ER. Parents' stress (caring for more than me) and blaming me for depression... etc. This all provoked an intense depression that
  3. ...for the greetings, all Never did I imagine I could possibly bond with a group of people over such a thing as this! I mentioned that I am alone. I do go to counseling and PT (physio) so I am getting help. My very busy NYC friends take time, when they can, and I am glad to have built a wide network so that while there is no one daily, like a husband, boyfriend, child, etc. - I have managed somehow. KelBel - yes, they were non-aneurysm SAH's. They about at the same time during my trauma, on either side of the brain (parietel), and this happened recently, in May. I am fatigued, and still hav
  4. Hello there from NYC, USA. I had two SAH's because of head trauma I suffered from a cycling accident very recently. I am only starting to learn, after my 2nd visit to the neurologist, that my particular symptoms are related to my SAH's and not just post-concussive syndrome. I am so happy to discover this site as it is already answering a lot of my questions about the emotional/interpersonal aspects of recovery that I have found so challenging, and thought was only my particular circumstance. I have no one very consistent in my life, except myself, to really take care of me. This is difficult
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