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  1. Hi everyone, Your comments are like holding my hand for the operation, which I thank you for. Anyway, the procedure was a success and the anni was coiled. Now I am talking nimodipine for the rest of the 21 day course. Thanks
  2. Hi all, After one year since my SAH, my 2mm unruptured aneurysm will be coiled tomorrow (fingers crossed). The aneurysm appears to have a branch coming out of it so if the doctors say that the coiling is not successful, they will consider clipping. Either way, I'll let you all know. Thank you Gail
  3. Thank you all for your comments and thank you for this site. Sarah-My youngest was 8 at the time too but now both kids are fine. Clare- I haven't exercise yet due to the unsecured aneurysm. So the doctors said not doing any strenuous exercise such as jogging until I'll get this thing in my head fixed! I work for the civil service and they have been very good in view of the circumstances. After my phased return, the occupational health would like to compose a further report but I have to wait until the anni is fixed. Thank you all once againxx
  4. Hi, I'm Gail and 43 years old. Before my SAH, I was (and still am) a mother of two children, a wife for my husband (obviously!) a daughter and a sister. My passion was to run and exercise. On 27 May 2015, (my son's 12 birthday) I went for a quick run at the gym. We were going to Menorca 3 days before so I wanted those extra few pounds off so I asked my husband to pick me up in a hour after the gym. After that we would celebrate my sons birthday tea. When I was on halfway through the 20 mins on the treadmill, I had a instant thunderclap headache. Now I never had headaches (unless I had a hangover) but I knew something was very wrong. I decided that I would stop the treadmill and it would be better to go on the stationary bike. I put my headphones in and started to pedal and thats when I fell unconscious. I woke up in a hospital bed 3 days later with my husband, sister, mum and dad at my bedside. The aneurysm was coilled. They said that when I was unconscious I stopped breathing for 30 seconds(apparantly) then came to. The paramedic sedated me because I was 'aggitated'. My husband was frantic when I didn't phone when I was finished so after two hours, he came to the gym only to find I was leaving in a ambulance. I felt quite well in myself 3 days after the SAH. But then came the vasospasm . My children were so scared that they didn't see me for a month. After hospital I had 4 months in rehab relearning to walk, use of my arm and intensive speech therapy. I remember I use to read and digest a book but I couldn't even text, write or recognise the alphabet! I also suffered from anxiety and insomnia. Well it's just over a year after the event. I surrendered my driving licence but got it back after 9 months. I've just finished my phased return to work. I also have a unsecured 2mm aneurysm to be coilled but that is another story! My family has pulled me through and I'm slowly, but surely getting there.
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