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  1. Kerryn

    Kerryn - can I snow ski?

    Hi Daffodil Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'll be taking it very easy. I'm certainly not in a position to pick up where I left off so baby steps for me. I'm going to attempt a couple of short ski sessions with my wife and kids in a few months so I'll see how that unfolds. Regardless of how I pull up the following day, my aim is still just to dip my toe in the water when it comes to an activity like that. As for Japan, I'll see how I go at our local Falls Creek ski resort first - if okay,then we will head to Japan. However, I think I'll be enjoying the alpine environment more so than hitting the slopes. I certainly hope to enjoy some skiiing - just not as much as I'd like, Thanks Kerryn
  2. Kerryn


    Thanks Louise - I appreciate those reminders. Yes, no two of us are the same. Thanks too ClareM - I always appreciate the advice. I'll take it on. I'm only planning on going bank to work gradually - 8 hrs first week and increase from there as I see fit. Thankfully, my work side of things is very understanding. I'll keep you posted. Kerryn x
  3. Kerryn

    Kerryn - can I snow ski?

    Thanks Clare You ski too! Thats all useful info to know. Interesting to hear about your bump prior to your SAH. As you said, you'll never know. Thanks for the flying info too, sounds like - from you and other posts - that flying is fine. Im still on the fence about these couple of planned ski trips and if I do go it will be with doctors advice and with trepidation! I'll keep you posted! Thanks again Clare Kerryn x
  4. Kerryn


    Thanks for that Chris - wow between 50-70 miles per month! That's huge. It's great news you're back there too Chris. As you said, I'll listen to my body and introduce running slowly. I have a check up with the surgeon in 3-weeks so I'll talk to him about it, see if I can build to a program. Not sure I'll be back at peak levels in a few weeks like you but I think I'll give it a go. Slowly, slowly. If I can great, otherwise I'll find something else like walking or swimming? Thanks Kerryn
  5. Hi all I had a grade 1 SAH on 6th April - almost 1-month ago. I recovered well and was sent home 12-days later. I'm 45-years old, happily married with two young kids under 10. I'm an average snow skier and we have a family ski trip booked when ski season hits here in Melbourne - about 2-months from now. Am I able to ski? The doctor said "yes" but I've read all sorts of answers about "yes and no" to skiing. I don't do black runs, I'm a casual skier, cautious and I wear a helmet but I'm a tad confused whether I should or shouldn't go so if anyone else has experience with this, I'd be grateful for some personal experience stories. We will be on the mountain for 3-days so my aim is not to ski all day, just have a few runs here and there with my family. Some say altitude can be an issue - are there any hard and fast rules on that? Some say that if they ski for a couple hours, they have hell to pay with tiredness and headaches the following day. That sounds very unappealing! Any advice is greatly appreciated. We also have another ski trip pencilled in for January 2018 in Nozawa Onsen in Japan (8-months from now) but I'll wait to get some feedback from you folks to help paint the landscape of that being wise or not. Thanks Kerryn
  6. Kerryn


    Thanks for the feedback Clare M - thank you fellow runner, glad to hear you're running again! With my SAH, the first thing I'm gunning for is recovery. Rebleeds can happen but I've read that it is 'low risk' but I suppose it is always a possibility for us. I'll do whatever I'm told by the doctors but it would be nice to start running again at some point. They said I can "build up to it" but I wouldn't mind some detail of what that might look like. I used to run four times per week for about 30-mins but given my circumstances, I'd be grateful to run for 10-mins , three times per week! I'm happy to brisk walk. It's weird because I've read in places that due to SAH, sufferers should not do anything too physical - no running, no weight lifting, no skiing etc. others say 'go ahead'. Confusing. Subzero - thanks for the 'return to work' info. Fortunately my work support me 100% so I'm lucky in that respect. The doctor said to take a month off from the day I was discharged so that will be just shy of 6-weeks from the SAH. They said to start slow and build up so I will. Thanks for the Brain and Spine Foundation link too - I actually stumbled across that last night. Sharlua - it's comforting to read that there are good and bad days. As I said earlier, I've had a great couple of weeks but a few mild headaches and a slight stiff neck the last few days. Nothing like the headaches during the first week post coiling. My SAH was a grade 1 so I was luckier than others with that - having read many of the posts here. Thanks everyone Kerryn
  7. Kerryn


    Thanks again Macca and thanks Chris G. Nice to meet you too. Yes, it's comforting to grab the nuggets of experience from you guys. I've been home for 13-days and I've been doing a bit too much, coupled with not drinking enough fluids over the last few days so hence I have had a slight headache on and off over 24-hrs. I am learning to listen to my body and brain to ensure I do all the right things required to recover. I cant sing the praises enough of the team at the Royal Melbourne Hospital but on discharge, it would be handy to have a 3-page info sheet titled something like : "Common Things to Expect on Your Road to Recovery from a SAH". In the absence of that, thank goodness you guys are around and this website exists for us! Thanks Kerryn
  8. Kerryn


    Ha - that coin joke is actually hilarious. Thanks for the feedback Macca - I'm grateful for the advice from your experience. As I've mentioned, I'm less than a month from the bleed and operation so these posts are 'gold' to read about; the comfort is huge. I've already noticed your name today as I've been reading this site for hours. (Same goes for other names here). Thanks again Macca and everyone. I'll keep reading for a bit. Kerryn
  9. Kerryn

    Hi from Phil - new member

    Hi all I joined this site today, I'm in recovery from my SAH aneurysm about 3-weeks ago. Thankfully I'm doing well but it's all quite a surreal thing...that only we can relate to. These posts from all of you, starting from Phil's original post - has provided many answers. In addition, you have provided unanticipated questions and answers. Thanks very much for the effort; very grateful. Kerryn
  10. Kerryn


    Thanks Daffodil - I really appreciate the feedback. My kids tend to think I'm a superhero so your advice on that resonated with me. I'd like to hear what happened to you too, same goes for Jess and kempse. All these stories help sew the fabric of this together, for all of us. As my experience is still so fresh, there is plenty for me to read on this site so I'm grateful for that. Thanks again. Kerryn
  11. Kerryn


    Thanks very much Jess and kempse - I appreciate the kind words and the warm welcome to BTG. Kerryn
  12. Kerryn


    Hi all This post is to introduce myself and at the same time, to thank all the contributors to this excellent resource. For those of us that have had an SAH - this is a fantastic website. I'm married with two young kids (10 and 4) and live in Melbourne, Australia. On 6th April, a bit over 3-weeks ago, I had just completed a 30-minute run when I bent over to grab a dropped coin only to experience an "instant headache". As I don't get headaches, I figured something was amiss. Told my wife and she didn't like the sound of it either so after a couple minutes of her going to "Doctor Google" - she had me booked into a local GP. I owe her my life because I wouldn't have booked myself in! The local GP was about 70-years old and thought it best to book me into the local hospital for a CT scan - "just to be safe". The CT scan showed the bleed so I was ambulanced to hospital and operated on that afternoon, (6th April 2017). Thankfully I had all my facilties with no neuro deficits. In brilliant care of the doctors and nurses, I was coiled via angiogram. Ten days in the HDU, I followed doctors orders with high levels of fluid intake (they told me 3-litres but I averaged 4 per day). The first three or four days post operation were horrendous due to the headaches and sleep deprivation but it improved as days rolled on. I spent about 2-weeks in hospital and am now recovering at home. Thankfully I feel fine but like 99% of posts on this website, my batteries run out sooner than before the SAH. Today I have a small headache and slight neck ache but having read the posts here, that's normal. Phew. With this thing that has occurred, it makes you a bit more worried so I'm relived there is a forum such as this. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery. Thanks again. Regards Kerryn