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  1. Kathie

    9 months post SAH

    Hi Everyone Thankyou for all your replies and words of support, it does really help. Macca I wish I could reduce my hours. My boss wont allow an alteration in the shift patterns, it's 12 hours or nothing in that job, so I'd have to find another post. It's either go back to that job or get another one and do shorter shifts but more of them. Ideally I'd like to reduce my hours but as I'm living on my own I'm not sure I can manage financially. It's a massive worry. I think maybe I need citizens advice or something. I'll take a look at the 'back to work' thread though, thank you for suggesting it. Misty, sounds as though we both had the worst new years eve ever! I started to suffer with insomnia and poor sleep patterns about 2 months ago also. I found that I was exhausted in the mornings but could do a workout at 11pm. I seem to have made some improvement by forcing myself to correct my sleep pattern. I make sure I get up about 7am during the week and dont nap during the day so that I am ready for sleep by about 10pm and although I rarely sleep right through, it does help. Are you back at work yet?
  2. Hey I had a NASAH on last new years eve. To cut a long story rather short, there was no cause found, no significant treatment required etc. I feel better with each month that passes but am now at 9 months and still feel unable to return to work which is starting to bother me. I struggle with fatigue, feeling off balance, headache and neck ache, irritability when tired. My job is 12 hour shifts and is really stressful and I'm so worried that I'm not ready but at the same time feel like I should be as it has been 9 months.... surely I should be fit to go back by now? Kathie
  3. Hi all I'm now 6 months post SAH with no cause identified. I've had a sharp headache since last Wednesday. Sometimes it's like a hot poker in my head. This weekend I ended up going to AED as it was worrying me. I had a CT, bloods and LP to rule out another bleed. All normal thank goodness. My BP's been up too, it was sky high in hospital. I'm at home now trying to manage the pain, no real advice given, I didnt see any neuro team over the weekend. This morning I couldnt even move my head as the pain in the back of it was so bad. This has been 5 days now which is getting me down and I don't really understand what's causing it. Can anyone help? Does anyone else get prolonged headache like this? Thanks
  4. Hi Kay Oh gosh yours was very recent then. You're really still in the early days. How do you manage day by day, do you work? Best wishes Kathie
  5. Hi Kay Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. Can I ask when did you suffer your SAH? Kathie ?
  6. Thanks for your message Louise. Did you suffer a SAH too?
  7. Thank you Chris that's very kind. It certainly can be a roller coaster, you think you're doing ok then do something fairly simple but that really has an after effect.
  8. Thanks Super Mario. Do you have any links or can recommend any web sites to enquire about any benefits I may be entitled to as my pay goes to half pay soon and I'm a single parent so really worried as you can imagine. Is this classed as a disibility, temporary or not?
  9. Hi, I'm new to Behind the Grey. I had a SAH on new years eve..... worst new year ever! I spent a couple of days in neuro HDU, all scans revealed no cause for the bleed so no idea why it happened. I am still on long term sick from work on advice of my surgeon. My job is stressful and is 12 hour shifts which are a total no no at the moment. On a day to day basis I'm not too bad as long as I don't do anything too taxing. I can manage to socialise for 2-3 hours and then feel a bit 'whoozy' and have to go home and rest. If I push myself to do much more than pottering around the house, I suffer terrible fatigue for the next 1-2 days and struggle to even get off the sofa. The headaches are definitely settling though. The constant dull headache has gone but I do get a sharp headache if I get stressed or over tired. I'm starting to get concerned about my long term future and my ability to return to my job. I thought that I'd be able to manage to do more than I can by this stage. Is this normal? Will it get better, will I be less fatigued?
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